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America Is on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

Started by EvadingGrid, Nov 01, 2018, 07:17:30 AM

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America Is on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

Yet another smear of ugliness, hatred and violence.

Yet another ratcheting up of the calls for the government to clamp down on the citizenry by imposing more costly security measures without any real benefit, more militarized police, more surveillance, more widespread mental health screening of the general population, more threat assessments and behavioral sensing warnings, more gun control measures, more surveillance cameras with facial recognition capabilities, more "See Something, Say Something" programs aimed at turning Americans into snitches and spies, more metal detectors and whole-body imaging devices at so-called soft targets, more roaming squads of militarized police empowered to do more stop-and-frisk searches, more fusion centers to centralize and disseminate information to law enforcement agencies, and more government monitoring of what Americans say and do, where they go, what they buy and how they spend their time.

All of these measures play into the government's hands.

All of these measures add up to more government power, less real security and far less freedom. Spam_A Spam_B As we have learned the hard way, the phantom promise of safety in exchange for restricted or regulated liberty is a false, misguided doctrine that has no basis in the truth.

Things are falling apart.

When things start to fall apart or implode, ask yourself: who stands to benefit?

In most cases, it's the government that stands to benefit by amassing greater powers at the citizenry's expense.

Unfortunately, the government's answer to civil unrest and societal violence, as always, will lead us further down the road we've travelled since 9/11 towards totalitarianism and away from freedom.

With alarming regularity, the nation is being subjected to a spate of violence that not only terrorizes the public but also destabilizes the country's fragile ecosystem, and gives the government greater justifications to crack down, lock down, and institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.

Clearly, America is being pushed to the brink of a national nervous breakdown.'

Read More : America Is on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown


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Equal Opportunities Customer.

It shouldn't take too much getting used-to ...

"Just watch where you step! It's a minefield."

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"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".

Equal Opportunities Customer.

"Yeah! Sure, this conversation is going somewhere."

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"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".

Al Bundy

America ( with bill ! ) want to know how much money have Russian President Vladimir Putin  :o


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P.S. Serbian movie Director Emir Kusturica want to know why any of Rotschild and Rockfeller never on Forbes list.


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Quote from: Al Bundy on Mar 02, 2019, 07:08:14 AM
America ( with bill ! ) want to know how much money have Russian President Vladimir Putin  :o

P.S. Serbian movie Director Emir Kusturica want to know why any of Rotschild and Rockfeller never on Forbes list.


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I also want an explanation as to how the Rothschilds "lost" all the money.

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Al Bundy

Al Bundy

On US Senate Report of Assistant Deputy of Assistant Secretary of US State Department M. Palmer :

Serbia must recognize self-claimed "Republic of Kosovo"
If Serbia wants to "Kosovo" abolished 100% Tariffs on their products, "Belgrade must suspends its campaign in the world for Kosovo's derecognition. "
USA know that 75% Serbs consider "Kosovo" recognition a National BETRAYAL , Palmer offers on behalf of the US to help President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic to manipulate and to brainwash his citizens to accept the illegal separation of the "Republic of Kosovo".
Al Bundy: I wonder how the Empire would "help" Vucic?

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Russia and China are guilty for support Serbia and Republic of Srpska ( entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina ).
EU are guilty because stop integration of Albania and N. Macedonia.

Leader of Bosnian Serbs and President of Bosnia and Herzegovina M. Dodik are guilty because do not want to abolish Republic of Srpska ( RS was confirmed by Dayton Peace Agreement 1995.).



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Al Bundy

USA offering 10 billion $ for Serbia if recognize illegal "Republic of Kosovo"  ???


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Al Bundy

Empire still live in the past. Fall of wall in Berlin. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying about "win of the West and Capitalism", "End of History" :

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Al Bundy

Putin and riots in Chile

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Al Bundy

Edward Joseph:"After Pentagon's report, the West should re-consider its stance towards Vucic"

    29/11/2019 Author Snezana Bjelotomic

The report by the US Department of Defence about the intensified cooperation with Russia since President Aleksandar Vucic and his Serbian Progressive Party came to power in 2012 proved what was suspected for some time and showed that the West attitude toward Serbia's President should change, Edward Joseph, a lecturer at John Hopkins University in Washington DC told the Voice of America (VOA).

Radio Free Europe (RFE) had access to the Pentagon report from May this year, which described Serbia as the most indulgent environment for the Russian influence over the Western Balkans.

The Pentagon reports says, among other things, that Serbia was the only regional country which purchased Russian weapons worth over a million dollars since 2012, including MIG-29 jet fighters and helicopters.

"The reasons are clear, and that relationship is symbiotic. The key issues in the report, though we haven't seen the original, are already known: we know about the MIG-29 and other forms of cooperation. But the fact it has been officially reported is important and suggests that the relations are beneficial for both Serbia and Russia," Joseph said.

He added that the report also challenged "President Aleksandar Vucic's sincerity in saying he is interested in the European Union membership. How can he be leading such a policy? It should also be said that Serbia has recently signed a trade agreement with the Euro-Asian Union sponsored by Russia. Though a bit reluctantly, Serbia signed the agreement."

"This report is a warning to the diplomats who talk to Vucic to be careful about his cooperation with Russia since we now know that the US is aware of how deep and widespread that cooperation is," he adds.

The Pentagon report also pointed out the cooperation between Moscow's and Belgrade's intelligence services, adding Serbia was the only country covered by the document which cooperated with Russia in that area.

"That's probably the most interesting single element in this report and should not be ignored and say that Vucic only balances in relationships. The cooperation between the intelligence services goes beyond that. Once you enter the spying zone and collaboration in that field, it is incompatible with the West and the EU. The diplomats should not ignore that. However, that's not a huge surprise since there are doubts that the humanitarian centre in Niš, in fact, is used for collecting intelligence data. But, since we now have the official confirmation about the intelligence cooperation, it should be a crossroad in the international community relations with Belgrade," Joseph said.

"The talks with President Vucic must be more open, and he should not be begged any longer to find a solution to Kosovo's issue and to be somehow compensated for that. No one should think about compensating the leader who has such broad cooperation with an enemy as Moscow is and who works against his people and eliminates the freedoms they are entitled to," he concluded.

(RTS, 28.11.2019)


Ye Olde Powder Monkey

'No decision to leave Iraq'?
Pentagon officials contradict each other over 'poorly worded' US withdrawal plan sent by 'mistake'
6 Jan, 2020 21:16

"Complete confusion reigned at the Pentagon after the publication of a letter about withdrawal from Iraq,
with the top general describing it as a "mistake" and the Defense Secretary arguing there were no plans for the US pullout.
"There's been no decision to leave Iraq. Period," Secretary Mark Esper told reporters at the Pentagon on Monday,
in what appears to have been an off-camera briefing.

He was referring to the reports that the head of Combined Joint Task Force Iraq, General William H. Seely III,
had informed the Iraqi government of preparations to reposition the coalition forces "in due deference to the sovereignty" of Iraq.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said that the letter
Seely had sent was only a draft and that releasing it was a "mistake." The Iraqi military confirmed receiving it, however.

Prepare the incontinence trousers gentleman; it's going to be a long, and hard winter.

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Cpt's Log; 14.44 BST. 19 April, 2020: "I just day-dreamed a ramming incident.
An unusual dream indeed, as the ship I rammed belonged to The Vulcans.
I shall now walk onto their bridge and inspect all round for damage."


Car drives off from San Monteo cliff into the ocean in California

Video Of Purported Highway 1 Cliff Plunge Surfaces; Search For Driver Continues
PACIFICA (KPIX 5) – Dash cam video has surfaced of a car that purportedly plunged off a cliff along the San Mateo County coast on Monday. Meanwhile, an intense search continues for the driver.
December 31, 2019 at 9:30 pm

UPDATE (1/3/20): Search For SUV That Plunged Off Highway 1 Cliff Suspended

A witness reported seeing the vehicle headed northbound on Highway 1 go over a cliff near Devil's Slide and Gray Whale Cove State Park on Monday morning. In the video obtained by KPIX 5, which was also sent to authorities, a vehicle believed to be a green Lexus is seen missing a sharp turn, going full speed over the edge.

According to a tweet from Cal Fire, tire tracks had been found coming off the highway and in a cliff-top parking turnoff going off the edge. Car parts had also been located in the waters below. However, authorities said, it was unclear if the parts are connected to the case.

Authorities have launched a search by land, sea and air, but the driver or the vehicle have not been found as of Tuesday afternoon.

"The Coast Guard is asking if anyone knows of the person who might have been in a green Lexus vehicle that is overdue, or they're not sure where they are, please give the Coast Guard a call," Coast Guard Lt. Toni Pehrson said Monday.

San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies and fire department workers, CHP officers and Coast Guard dive teams searched the area by land, sea and air Monday and found tire tracks and some car debris but it was unclear whether the car parts belong to the SUV seen plunging into the Pacific Ocean, California Highway Patrol Officer Bert Diaz told The Associated Press.

He said investigators have been checking missing people and missing vehicle reports but haven't found anything.

"We don't know if it was a criminal act. We don't know if it was intentional or if it was an accident," Diaz said.

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Tucker Carlson calls for a White House commission to examine why men are falling behind women in America

Carlson: "In this country, it's not women who are moving backward. In fact, it's men"
Published 02/06/20 9:27 PM EST

... We're still America. And in this country, it's not women who are moving backward. In fact, it's men. Conclusively from education, to the job market, to imprisonment, to basic life expectancy, men are falling further and further behind women. In the long run, that's not good news for anyone no matter how much you like Margaret Atwood. Mark Perry is an economics professor at the University of Michigan, Flint. He has taken a very close look at this question. He joins us tonight. Professor, thanks for coming on.  ...

Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America
Published on Mar 7, 2018

'Men in America': It's odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise. #Tucker

Published November 26, 2012
The war on men


Women aren't women anymore.

To say gender relations have changed dramatically is an understatement. Ever since the sexual revolution, there has been a profound overhaul in the way men and women interact. Men haven't changed much – they had no revolution that demanded it – but women have changed dramatically.


Chart of the day: For every 100 girls/women.....

The table above is based on some of the items in the list "For every 100 girls...."
that I featured last April on CD here. The list was originally created by Tom Mortenson in 2011 and I updated the list earlier this year with Tom's permission. Special thanks to Gale Pooley for helping create the table.

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About a month late but ....
In remembrance of and To all those that die by skiing into a tree ...

fyi - I was just in a gondola yesterday and an old lady couldn't stop talking to her friend about someone that slammed into a tree in Colorado and was undergoing many operations


Salvatore Phillip "Sonny" Bono (/ˈboʊnoʊ/; February 16, 1935 – January 5, 1998) was an American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and politician who came to fame in partnership with his second wife Cher as the popular singing duo Sonny & Cher. He was mayor of Palm Springs, California from 1988 to 1992, and the Republican congressman for California's 44th district from 1995 until his death in 1998.

The United States Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, which extended the term of copyright by 20 years, was named in honor of Bono when it was passed by Congress nine months after his death. Mary Bono (Sonny's last wife) had been one of the original sponsors of the legislation, commonly known as the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act

50th anniversary: Sonny Bono's death grabbed headlines 10 years ago this week

A frequent visitor to the South Shore, Bono performed at Harrah's on eight occasions and was a participant in the John Denver Ski Classic until 1984.

While Michael Kennedy's skiing death at Aspen Mountain the week before Bono's death may have contributed to the immense amount of national media attention, a seemingly unrelated news story also played a role in coverage of the incident, Wagnon said.

Satellite trucks from national news organizations were in Sacramento awaiting the start of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski's trial and were quickly dispatched to the South Shore as word of Bono's death spread.

Channeling Sonny Bono, Part One


The Unabomber trial is over before it could begin.
In a plea bargain, Theodore Kaczynski on Thursday admitted he was the anti-technology terrorist who'd frightened the United States for two decades.
During his 18-year reign of terror, the Unabomber's explosive devices killed three men and injured 29, including one who had his arm blown off.
By pleading guilty, he will be spared the death penalty, but will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Ted Kaczynski arrived at the Sacramento courthouse early in the morning - even before the arrival of both the defense and prosecution attorneys.
The 55-year-old mathematics professor turned woodland hermit entered the last-minute plea on the day a jury was to be sworn in and opening statements were to begin.

Kaczynski pleaded guilty to 13 counts that centred on charges of transporting explosive devices with intent to kill or maim.
He also admitted in court that he placed or mailed another 11 bombs, for which he was not charged.

The plea avoided the possibility of his execution - had the jury convicted Kaczynski, he could have faced death by injection.
SOUNDBITE: (English)
"The Department of Justice has just accepted a plea of guilty for life in prison without the possibility of parole from Theodore Kaczynski. The Unabomber's career is over."
SUPER CAPTION: Robert Cleary/Federal Prosecutor
It was David Kaczynski who first alerted the F-B-I that his brother could be the Unabomber.
But he was in for a shock - discovering that the government was seeking to execute his brother.
He and his mother Wanda appeared visibly relieved after Thursday's proceedings.
SOUNDBITE: (English)
"I'd like to say our reaction today's plea agreement is one of deep relief. We feel this is appropriate, just and civilised resolution to this tragedy and to Ted's diagnosed mental illness."
SUPER CAPTION: David Kaczynski/Ted Kaczynski's brother
Kaczynski will be formally sentenced on May 15.
When it is handed down, that sentence will close one of the longest and most expensive investigations in FBI history.

| - - - =- \

Sonny Bono: 20 years later, his last ski run feels 'as if it was yesterday'
Bruce Fessier, Palm Springs Desert Sun Published 1:47 p.m. PT Dec. 29, 2017

Twenty years ago this week, Sonny Bono went missing.

He was a Palm Springs icon, born Salvatore Phillip Bono to a Sicilian peasant and a second-generation Italian-American whose marriage was arranged when his mother was 14. In Washington D.C., he was the Honorable Sonny Bono, Republican member of the House of Representative for California's 44th District. But, to everyone else, he was Sonny.

He and his fourth wife, Mary, often went skiing around Lake Tahoe. Sonny had grown close to the late Bill Harrah, owner of the Harrah's Hotel and Casinos, when he and Cher were TV's biggest musical stars of the 1970s. Harrah's Lake Tahoe was like a second home to him.

Congress was on break and the Palm Springs International Film Festival, which Sonny founded in 1990 as mayor of Palm Springs, wasn't due to start until Jan. 8. So, Sonny and Mary went skiing with some friends to usher in 1998.

| - - - - -

Murder on the ski slopes: The mysterious death of Sonny Bono


Giffords, thankfully, is on the mend, despite the horrific  nature of the gunshot wound she received to the head.

Someone who also received serious injury to the head was U.S. Rep. Sonny Bono (R-Calif.), back in January 1998. I thought of Bono today as I watched an old clip from 1965 of Sonny and Cher performing their hit "I Got You Babe." And even though Sonny and Cher divorced, they did become successful at these later stages of their lives – Cher in a hugely successful solo pop career and Sonny as a Republican congressman.

Bono was always considered a likable guy and I recall him when I was a kid in the 70's on the popular variety program, The Sonny and Cher Show. Sonny got
picked on by Cher a lot but it was funny and the show was successful, I think, in large part to Bono's self-deprecating style.

And while he had moved on by the 1980's, a middle-aged man finally out of the entertainment scene, he was still approachable and a seemingly popular guy who became mayor of Palm Springs and later a congressman for his district.

Officially, it was reported that Bono died after skiing into a tree at on a run called "Orion" at the Heavenly ski resort at Lake Tahoe, along the California-Nevada state line.

Interestingly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s son Michael Kennedy had a fatal skiing accident in Colorado just days before Sonny Bono. And Sonny's
pal and fellow folk-pop-singer-turned-TV-personality John Denver died in that curious experimental aircraft crash off the California coast a few months earlier. I think there is more to this – and the death of New Age guitarist and Enid, Okla. native Michael Hedges right at that same time, in late '97 – that I will get into at a later time.

Bono, an experienced skier, was on the Nevada side when his "accident" took place. Over the years there have been reports that punch holes in the
official story.

Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson reported some years after Bono's death that he believed the pop-star-turned-politician was bumped off on the ski slopes as part of an "evil plot" conducted by "ruthless assassins."

"It's nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree," Gunderson said in an a piece posted in Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper
on April 4, 2008.

Said Gunderson:  "There's zero evidence in this autopsy report to show such an accident happened. Instead, there's powerful proof he was assassinated."

But who would want to harm Sonny Bono?

In a report posted on April 6, 2008 at DCDave.com and titled
"The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder," writer David Martin lambastes the American press for failing to report the huge discrepancies surrounding Bono's

Martin writes that Bono had been approached by an investigator named Bob Fletcher and had approached Congressman Bono about "the activities of high-ranking U.S. military and government officials he claims were raking in millions from arms and drug deals in Central America and Southeast Asia."

Fletcher would also tell the Globe
tabloid that upon learning of this high-level corruption, he was "livid" and had said it would investigate further, making it a priority.

But word must have gotten around if Fletcher's sensational story is to be believed. Regardless, it sounds like powerful people didn't want this mustachioed goofball wrecking their scene

And another post that week, this time at Kenny's Sideshow blog,more is noted on Bono's death and autopsy.


| - - -

          The MURDER  of Sonny Bono, a continued update:

DATE: As of October 30 ,  2008.

After ten years of continuously chasing the information of Sonny's death, I finally put the entire argument together in a visual form, a DVD.
My personal involvement in the case goes back to before his murder, when I had completed a report for Sonny.

I completed an upsetting report for him, mostly on the drug connected government persons and the connections to potential murders of witnesses and connected arms smugglers who may have talked about their partnerships, and mangers, in our government.

The Report completed before Sonny died, was reviewed by Sonny Bono just before his death.
His office called me in December of 1997, with in ten days or so of that call, he was murdered.

I believe Sonny was killed to prevent a full investigation of the report I had done for him!   His office Mr. Frank Cullen administrative assistant and press secretary, had called me and verified the plans for a major investigation by Sonny Bono in the new position for Sonny, in the intelligence committee of the Congress for the next session.(Next year was about two weeks away)

Sonny was upset with my report to him, and wanted to chase three or four parts of the report with my assistance. If the bad guys he was going to investigate wanted to "stop the investigation" they had to kill him before his returned to the congress in Washington DC .

They had to kill him during the Christmas holidays.
He was killed Jan. 5, 1998 a few days after the call to my home.

Most strange, the death was only FIVE (5) days after the young Kennedy died in a similar (real witnessed) collision with  a tree ! Considering an average of only 26 -28 people die each year out of millions of skiers, it appears the killers, may have gotten the IDEA of an "accidental ski collision", simply from watching the news!

The "mechanics" as they are referred to, (hired hit men) have many methods of terminating persons, but deaths that can be made to look like accidents , are a very strong preference.

There are no special investigations into accidents, but a murder that looks like a murder is  not the type of death they needed!
In Sonny's case, particularly since he was about to look into very specific persons, about specific crimes!

UPDATE:  As of his date !
For starters, I have sent a copy of the report  (In DVD form)  which I have done concerning  the Bono murder to the district attorney offices in Nevada . We will await the response and report it back on this page.

Why investigate so late?
The reason it had taken so long to get this investigation off the ground was twofold. First, was my personal health, in the last few years, I had suffered two heart attacks, a stroke, a knee replacement and live with a left arm that is not correctly connected to my body, (I have no shoulder / upper arm bone) due to a malpractice at the Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles Ca.(1996) and the fact that we could not get the completed  autopsy reports, from anyone in law enforcement  for a long time !

I have sent a few copies of the new Murder report to a few Congressmen, but I do not expect anyone of them to take the first step forward!
They do not do that with every day work, least of all a murder of a fellow congressman!
We await the District Attorney formal response!

| - - - -


Gary Stephen Webb (August 31, 1955 – December 10, 2004) was an American investigative journalist.

He began his career working for newspapers in Kentucky and Ohio, winning numerous awards, and building a strong reputation for investigative writing. Hired by the San Jose Mercury News, Webb contributed to the paper's Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Webb is best known for his "Dark Alliance" series, which appeared in The Mercury News in 1996. The series examined the origins of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles and claimed that members of the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua had played a major role in creating the trade, using cocaine profits to support their struggle. It also suggested that the Contras may have acted with the knowledge and protection of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The series provoked outrage, particularly in the Los Angeles African-American community, and led to four major investigations of its charges.

Kill the Messenger (2014)
Journalist Gary Webb, California 1996, started investigating CIA's role in the 1980s in getting crack cocaine to the black part of LA to get money and weapons to the Contras/freedom fighters in Nicaragua.

| - - - -

Someone Would Have Talked? Someone Would Be Crazy

Add Gary Webb to the list of those that talked.  After describing CIA involvement in drug-trafficing, he lost his job and ultimately his life,  in what was labeled a suicide.

NewWorldDISorder says:
April 15, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Love Gary Webb but I'd like to add:

Danny Casolaro
Reps Larry McDonald and Sonny Bono US special forces colonels Rowe, Baker, Cutolo ex-FBI Darlene Novingers father and husband
USMC colonel Sabow the two kids murdered on the railroad track near Mena, Arkansas

Barry Seal (even though he was in on it)  ex-CIA Dois Gene "Chip" Tatum

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Couple of years old but just in case you missed this ...
They lowered knowingly hiv exposure to a misdemeanor ! Basically DECRIMINALIZING IT

California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV
By Alaa Elassar and Laura Diaz-Zuniga, CNN
Updated 2:51 PM ET, Tue October 10, 2017

(CNN)Starting January 1, it will no longer be a felony in California to knowingly expose a sexual partner to HIV with the intent of transmitting the virus. Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that lowers the offense to a misdemeanor.
The California legislature passed SB 239 in September.
The law previously punished people who intentionally exposed or infected others with HIV by up to eight years in prison. The new legislation will lower jail time to a maximum of six months.

The new law will also eliminate the penalty for knowingly donating HIV-infected blood. This action is a felony under current law and will be decriminalized starting in January. Supporters of the change argue the previous law was antiquated because all donated blood is tested for HIV.

Bill sponsors Sen. Scott Wiener and Assemblyman Todd Gloria, both Democrats, argued California law was outdated and stigmatized people living with HIV, especially given recent advancements in medicine. Evidence has shown that a person with HIV who undergoes regular treatment has a negligible chance of spreading the infection to others through sexual contact.

"The most effective way to reduce HIV infections is to destigmatize HIV," Wiener told CNN. "To make people comfortable talking about their infection, get tested, get into treatment."


| - - - -


FDA: Gay men can once again donate blood in U.S., if they haven't had sex for a year

Dec. 22, 2015 at 6:15 a.m. PST

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday lifted a decades-old, lifetime ban on blood donation for men who have had sex with other men, replacing it with a 12-month "deferral" period that prohibits such donors from giving blood for a year after their last same-sex contact.

The agency said its updated policy reflects "the most current scientific evidence" and mirrors the approach taken in other countries, such as Australia and the United Kingdom. "We have taken great care to ensure this policy revision is backed by sound science and continues to protect our blood supply," FDA Acting Commissioner Stephen Ostroff said in a statement.
A 2010 study by the University of California at Los Angeles found that lifting the long-standing ban could increase the total annual supply of donated blood by between 2 and 4 percent, adding as many as 615,000 pints per year. A shift from the full ban to a 12-month deferral that FDA opted for on Monday could add about 317,000 pints a year, the study found.

| - --

see also David Icke talk about "NWO one gender"

David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

TheRealBaxterslider2 days ago
this implementation of a super Orwellian society has been planned by the one percent for decades, Agenda 21/30 is just the tip of the iceburge, Musk, Soros, etc, have slowly corrupted and broken down all the standards that make us human, our sexual orientation, the family, our faith and all values of empathy towards others. Thank the stars for people like you, who illuminate and chalenge the propaganda, keep up the good work David, and bless you.

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Quote from: tahoeblue on Feb 23, 2020, 03:48:58 PM
Couple of years old but just in case you missed this ...
They lowered knowingly hiv exposure to a misdemeanor ! Basically DECRIMINALIZING IT

Guess you missed the argument that HIV don't even exist brotha...

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"Castles made of sand, slips into the sea, eventually." - Jimi Hendrix


Just look at the idiotic UK comments too ...
I'd like to see a photo of the perp ... 

Boy, 17, facing 11 felony vandalism counts for spraying red graffiti over Plymouth Rock and other sites in the historic town which is marking the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival

A 17-year-old boy faces 11 felony counts of vandalism and one misdemeanor count of trespassing after he spray painted Plymouth Rock on February 17
His vandalism spree also took in the National Monument to the Forefathers and the Plymouth Maiden statue
His tags included the number and letter combination 508 MOF and anti-cop messages
He would not tell cops the meaning behind the tags or why he went on the spree
The vandalism charges carry three years in jail and a $1,500 fine
It is not thought to be linked to vandalism of the community's 9/11 memorial on Sunday, where the statue of a cop was knocked over and broken
The vandalism comes as the town gets ready to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival, which will include a replica Mayfair ship

By Frances Mulraney and Associated Press

Published: 16:51 EST, 27 February 2020 | Updated: 17:05 EST, 27 February 202

The suspect's name was not released because he is a juvenile, but police chief Michael Botieri did say he is a resident of the town, which this year is marking the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival.


Botieri added that the February 17 vandalism spree is not connected to vandalism of the town's 9/11 Memorial discovered last Sunday.

The memorial, which was constructed in 2004, is a six-foot high pillar of granite upon which the names of those killed in the attacks are engraved.
The destruction at the memorial was the eighth time in less than a week that the Plymouth community had been targeted as it looks forward to commemorating the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims.
Police said the vandals also targeted a Scallop Roll seashell-shaped sign celebrating the upcoming 400th anniversary of the 1620 Mayflower landing.


ford2009, West Covina, United States, 5 minutes ago

Well part of this Idiot's tag 508 is that area's area code, the MOF is possibly his initials. Give him the max sentence.

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Al Bundy

Donald Trump ( "war in Iraq is great mistake" ) vs. Jeb Bush ( who is pride on family war criminals )

But I do not understand why public support war in Iraq and J. Bush ? And clapping ?