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Oct 17, 2021, 04:25:28 PM

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General Discussion / Re: WILL WE SAY "NO!" BEFORE I...
Last post by tahoeblue - Today at 11:07:50 AM
Going back to Page One - 2020

Quote from: #1 Trouble Maker on Apr 07, 2020, 09:32:28 AMI'm going to start a new thread to get the word out now so to get as many people to resist the genocide bioweapon that we will ALL be forced to take.  I borrowed the title from something Melissa and Arron Dykes had wrote about living in the 12 monkeys.  I'm asking that ALL COVID globalist 'solutions' WE all need to resist be posted on this thread

Why there was a Southwest Sickout ...

AIR TERROR! Pilot Has Terminal Stroke IN-FLIGHT, Jab Mandates Continue
Take Back America
September 3 ·

Will the experience of individuals receiving the vaccine affect FAA guidance (possible shortening the 48-hour "No Fly/No Safety-Related Duty")?

    Yes, as additional data becomes available and the medical understanding of the side effect profile matures, the FAA will reevaluate the "No Fly/No Safety-Related Duty" timeframe, as appropriate.

Delta knocks down false report that vaccinated pilot died in-flight
By Chris Isidore, CNN Business
Updated 11:51 AM ET, Wed October 13, 2021

New York (CNN Business)Delta Air Lines took the unusual step of publicly disputing a viral rumor spread by an anti-vax podcast, which claimed one of Delta's pilots recently died mid-flight days after getting a vaccine.
Delta (DAL) said no such thing happened. Mid-flight deaths are rare and airlines are legally required to report them publicly. The allegation was aired Monday on "The Stew Peters Show" podcast.
"All of these allegations are false," said Delta. "The pandemic has been an incredibly tragic time for many, and our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of families of those who have passed away from the horrific virus."

The story came from Peters' podcast guest, Jane Ruby, who said she had been told about it by three "whistleblowers directly related to Delta Air Lines," one of whom she said was a flight attendant on the flight.

| - - -

BA refuse to deny pilots died after covid jab
By Sally Beck
June 25, 2021

SOCIAL media is alive with the story that four British Airways pilots died within a few weeks of each other, with the suggestion that Covid vaccine is involved. A photograph showing condolence books for four male pilots at BA's headquarters that was circulated on Twitter fanned the flames. As did a voice recording, allegedly from the independent radio station English 909, with a man saying: 'Things are getting crazy here. I don't know if I told you but my friend who's a BA pilot, has just told me that they've had the third BA pilot die in the last seven days. The first two were in their 40s and 50s and the third in his mid-thirties. Perfectly fit, no underlying conditions. Gets his second jab and he's dead within days. Exactly the same as the first two . . .'

Our national airline issued a statement saying that the deaths were not connected. This has been presented by Reuters fact-checkers as a denial, but in fact BA refuse to say whether the pilots had received a Covid-19 vaccine on not.

Pilot deaths are rare, and it may well just be 'bad luck' or a 'coincidence', but according to a retired RAF pilot who was also an airline captain who flew for several independent British airlines: 'Airline pilots are a very healthy bunch. I worked for a number of airlines, and I actually cannot recall a pilot dying of any illness before retirement. Four in a few weeks? Unheard of.

'I am a retired pilot, not a medic, but common sense tells me that if there is a clotting problem with the [AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen] vaccine then exposure to deep vein thrombosis [a known problem with long haul flying] might be relevant.'
If you are vaccinated you are advised not to fly because the pressurisation of the aircraft can lead to blood clots, a very serious issue which may kill you or cause you to suffer a stroke. That is bad enough for a passenger, but it beggars belief that airlines and Governments are pressing pilots to have jabs. If blindness, stroke or heart attack happens close to landing, even the second pilot is going to need a reaction time to overcome the situation. Landing is about the most dangerous time in an aircraft and there is a lot going on in the cockpit, much of which is critical and can escalate into dangerous situations very quickly.

Thank God there are two pilots in the cockpit either of whom can land the plane solo. If both pilots have problems at the same time, you might be doomed.

| - - - 

Backlog in federal safety rules amid US car crash 'epidemic'
By Associated Press
Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 7:44 AM PDT
Advocates worry that the agency has lost focus and risks getting bogged down under President Joe Biden, at a time of increasing road accidents and reckless driving during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says "damn the unvaccinated," dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection
September 22, 2021

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor is dead, in what is fast-becoming a pattern of quick deaths after "booster" shots.

Mrs. Karen Croake Heisler received her first dose of Pfizer experimental mRNA on January 13, according to her Twitter account. Her age allowed her to be one of the first to receive the injections in December and January. It's unclear when she received the second injection. But Mrs. Heisler declared on April 9 that she and her husband suffered only sore arms after their second injections.

General Discussion / Re: Do You Really think Biden ...
Last post by tahoeblue - Oct 16, 2021, 11:44:04 AM

The swamp monsters who run Biden's White House
All have a master's degree in deceit and gaslighting
By Kelly Sadler - The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 22, 2021
The Biden administration, thinking only of optics, failed to prioritize Americans and our Afghan allies in favor of achieving the largest numbers possible. An unknown number of U.S. citizens and Afghan special immigrant visa holders have been abandoned in war-torn Afghanistan with their lives on the line, while tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans are already in the U.S.
It was Mr. Blinken, who under the Obama administration worked closely with Ben Rhodes and now Secretary of State spokesman Ned Price, to manufacture a dishonest narrative about the diplomacy surrounding the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal to help win public support.
But it's not only Mr. Blinken, Mr. Price, and Mr. Kirby who have a master's in spin.

Jake Sullivan, Mr. Biden's national security adviser, helped craft the bogus Russia-collusion narrative on behalf of his then-boss Hillary Clinton against former President Donald Trump in 2016.

Mr. Sullivan pushed the conspiracy theory there was a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.

"This could be the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow," Mr. Sullivan claimed at the time. "Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank. This secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Trump's ties to Russia. ... This line of communication may help explain Trump's bizarre adoration of Vladimir Putin."
We know now, it's all untrue. But it did help lead to a special counsel investigation into Mr. Trump while in office and set the grounds for his first impeachment.
And let's not forget Susan Rice, who now heads Mr. Biden's Domestic Policy Council, and her role in Benghazi — obfuscating the planned terrorist attack as something that stemmed from public protests about a movie made in the U.S. that mocked Islam. Or her participation in spreading the false Russia-collusion narrative by "unmasking" incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and other Trump officials.

Sense a pattern here? The Biden administration – at every turn – is lying, deceiving, and gaslighting the American people into believing a false reality.

Susan Rice News Monitoring

Barack Obama Newswire On Your Phone
Read by Leaders in Business and Government Worldwid


General Discussion / Re: WILL WE SAY "NO!" BEFORE I...
Last post by tahoeblue - Oct 15, 2021, 01:57:23 PM
President Biden and his boy Hunter
President Biden has proven himself to be America's Quisling

Biden says private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect 'soon'
By Steven Nelson
October 14, 2021

In a brief, six-minute address to the nation, President Biden on Thursday said that his private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect "soon" to address the "unacceptably high number" of people who don't want to be vaccinated.

But he took no questions from reporters, for a second straight day after a major address, amid nationwide concerns about rising inflation and a supply-chain crisis that has left store shelves bare and threatens the delivery of holiday gifts as prices for most goods go up.

| - - -

Disgraced NIH Director Francis Collins To Resign After Wuhan Lab Lies Exposed
By NewsRescue -
October 12, 2021

Announcement comes weeks after documents revealed Collins lied about US funding gain-of-function research at Wuhan lab

by Kelen McBreen

Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Dr. Francis Collins announced Tuesday he'll be resigning from his position before 2022.

The longest-serving NIH director in US history, Collins served under the Obama, Trump and Biden presidencies.

"I am proud of all we've accomplished. I fundamentally believe, however, that no single person should serve in the position too long, and that it's time to bring in a new scientist to lead the NIH into the future," Collins said in a statement upon announcing his retirement. "I'm most grateful and proud of the NIH staff and the scientific community, whose extraordinary commitment to lifesaving research delivers hope to the American people and the world every day."

"As he returns to his lab at the National Human Genome Research Institute, we look forward to his unmatched ability to unlock the possibilities within our reach and that define the best of who we are as Americans," President Biden wrote in a Tuesday statement commending Collins.

Read full: https://www.infowars.com/posts/disgraced-nih-director-francis-collins-to-resign-after-wuhan-lab-lies-exposed/

| - - -



He was picked by Obama to head NIH in 2009

President Barack Obama chose Collins to lead the NIH in 2009, and his appointment was unanimously confirmed by the Senate. Collins is "beloved on Capitol Hill," says Jennifer Zeitzer, head of public affairs at the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology.
He headed the effort to sequence the human genetic code

In 1993, he became director of what was then called the National Center for Human Genome Research, which was in charge of a massive effort to fully sequence humanity's genetic code.
General Discussion / Bees
Last post by tahoeblue - Oct 15, 2021, 12:48:43 PM

American bumblebees have disappeared from these 8 states. Now they could face extinction.
Asha C. Gilbert, USA TODAY
Thu, October 14, 2021, 8:14 AM·2 min read

Dwindling populations of the American bumblebee and their complete disappearance from eight states has led to a call for the bee to be placed under the Endangered Species Act before they face extinction.

Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Oregon each have zero or close to zero American bumblebees left, according to a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity and Bombus Pollinators Association of Law Students.

"The American bumble bee was once the most common bumble bee species in North America, but without immediate action to protect it under the ESA, it will continue its alarming decline towards extinction," the petition authors wrote.

Over the last two decades, the American bumblebee population has decreased by 89% across the U.S. New York had a decline of 99% and they disappeared from the northern part of Illinois that has seen a 74% decrease in population since 2004, the petition said.

Climate change, pesticides, disease, habitat loss and competition from honey bees are listed as driving the bee to extinction.

| - - -

Fish and Wildlife Is Taking Comments on Environmental Threats to the American Bumble Bee

EMF, Radiation, 5G, 6G / Fish and Wildlife Is Taking Comments on Environmental Threats to the American Bumble Bee

Fish and Wildlife Service Taking Comments on Threats to Bees

by Arthur Firstenberg, Cellular Phone Task Force
October 2021


On September 29, 2021, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published a notice in the Federal Register saying that it is proposing to list the American bumble bee as a threatened or endangered species, and that it is requesting comments and information about threats to the existence of this species. The agency is taking this action in response to a petition submitted by the Center for Biological Diversity.

Until 2002, the American bumble bee was the most common species of bumble bee in the United States, occurring in every state except Alaska, Hawaii and Washington. But in the past 20 years its numbers have plummeted nationwide by almost 90%. It has disappeared entirely from Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming, and has almost vanished from New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Fish and Wildlife Service lists four threats to the existence of the American bumble bee: habitat destruction, loss of genetic diversity, climate change, and competition from nonnative honey bees. But the agency has failed to explain why any of these threats should have caused a once-abundant species to suddenly begin to vanish, throughout the United States, in the year 2002. Radiation from cell towers can explain this. 2002 is the year that what we now call 3G technology was introduced in the United States, which turned every cell phone into a computer and connected every cell tower to the Internet. The number of cell towers and cell phone users began to increase tremendously.

Yesterday I submitted my comments to the Fish and Wildlife Service  [see Arthur's letter below] summarizing the threat to bees posed by radio frequency (RF) radiation from wireless technology. This is an opportunity for us to take collective action to bring this threat to bees, and to all life, out into the open. I have received hundreds of emails from people all over the world in recent years about bees suddenly vanishing from their yard and their neighborhood as soon as a cell tower was built nearby. I encourage everyone who has observed this happening to send comments to the Fish and Wildlife Service telling exactly what you saw happen to the bees after a cell tower was erected — the honey bees, the wild bees, and the bumble bees. Whatever you observed.

To submit your comments electronically, go to https://www.regulations.gov/document/FWS-R3-ES-2021-0063-0001 and click on "Comment." Or, you can submit comments by mail to

Public Comments Processing Attn: FWS–R3–ES–2021–0063
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service MS: PRB/3W
5275 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041–3803

| - - - - -


Bumble Bee Die-Off Under Investigation in Virginia
By Aimée Code on 21 June 2018
Bee kill incidents have marred Pollinator Week—which should be a week of celebration. Will other states learn from Oregon to prevent future incidents and protect pollinators?

Pollinator week is set at an ideal time in mid-June. People around the country are enjoying the profusion of pollinators visiting the flowering plants in and around their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, bee kill incidents have marred what should be a week of celebration. Here in my own state of Oregon, between 2013–2015, there were seven bumble bee kills reported after ornamental trees were treated with neonicotinoid insecticides. All of these incidents occurred during or within a few days of pollinator week. The largest of these incidents, which occurred in Wilsonville Oregon, knocked out hundreds of wild bumble bee colonies killing an estimated 50,000 bees and shocking the nation.

The incidents follow the same pattern: Linden trees (Tilia spp., a favorite for many pollinators) were treated with neonicotinoid insecticides to kill nuisance aphids that release sticky honeydew. Once the trees bloomed, visiting bees were found under the trees dead and dying. In all but one incident, applicators adhered to the pesticide labels. That is a key point since the label is the law and it is supposedly how we protect against "unreasonable adverse affects".

The Xerces Society worked hand in hand with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to respond to the individual events and to find a solution to avoid future incidents. After conducting a thorough review of the science, ODA established a new rule which halts the use of four highly toxic, long-lived neonicotinoids on Tilia trees. Since the rule went into effect, Xerces has not received any calls reporting bumble bees dying under Tilia trees... until this past week.

| - - - -

If The Bees Die, We Will Follow
May 20, 2014     15 Comments

Bees are dying as are many species of insects around the globe. In some counties of Northern California, the insect populations have already declined some 90% as measured by a US Forest Service biologist. Aquatic insect life has seen the same level of decline in this region. Reports are coming in to geoengineeringwatch.org of similar insect die-offs from many locations around the globe. Though the scientific community is sounding the alarm about the die-off (at least in the case of the bees), they are even now completely in denial or oblivious to the highly toxic climate engineering and its effects on terrestrial life forms.

I spoke to one of the head people at the National Bee Association and very carefully tried to inform her on the issue of global climate engineering and its likely connection to the bee die-off. She did not want to hear any data, and made it clear she had absolutely no intention of investigating. This was fall of 2013, the die off continues, and I have never heard a word back from this person. If the bees are succumbing to farm chemicals, why are they just as dead a thousand miles into the wilderness? If the die-off is from the cold winter in the US East (completely engineered winter storms), why are the bees just as dead in the west where record high temperatures have been the norm for too long to remember?

So much of academia does not want to know the truth, but rather wishes to stay in comfort zones of total denial. I don't say this lightly and I say if from a great deal of first hand experience. I have communicated with numerous individuals in academia from many different specialties and with very few exceptions I have found a near total absence of moral responsibility. Many of the so called "experts" are now in many ways accessories to the climate engineering crimes occurring in skies around the globe. Though there are still those scientists that are truly not aware of what is happening in our skies, for many others, their adamant denial of the climate engineering spraying and its effects is inexcusable.

Dane Wigington

Politics in General / Re: The Brexit betrayal is hap...
Last post by tahoeblue - Oct 15, 2021, 12:29:13 PM
Lets see murdered at a Christian Protestant Methodist Church ... hmmmm...
UK holding back on ID of the Killer

Mystery of Sir David Amess' Killer Who Stabbed Tory MP
28 mins ago

The police are investigating Conservative MP Sir David Amess' killer who stabbed the 69-year-old victim at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex midday on Friday (October 15, 2021.) May he rest in peace.

Early reports announced that Sir David Amess has died after being injured 'multiple times' in a stabbing that happened at his constituency surgery in Essex at 12:05 BST. Sir David had been an MP since 1983 and leaves behind his wife and their five children.
Who is Sir David Amess' Killer?

Following questions about Sir David Amess' killer, official sources claimed that a male suspect has been arrested and is in jail while police have confirmed that they are not searching for anyone else in this case and they believe there is not a continuing threat to the public.

The suspect is a 25-year-old man and currently in custody; according to a statement published by Essex Police, "A man has been arrested on suspicion murder after a man was stabbed in Leigh-on-Sea. We were called to an address in Eastwood Road North shortly after 12.05 pm today. We attended and found a man injured.

David Amess MP: In the fight against Islamic extremism, moderate Muslims are our best allies

The Huffington Post UK

Posted: 19/11/2015 15:05 GMT

By Sir David Amess MP

I remember almost a year ago, the enormous crowds that came together all across France, to rally against extremism. This rally showed everything that was great about French society. The rally did not blame all Muslims for the deeds of a few radicals misleadingly carried out in the name of Islam and it was not the familiar angry call for bloodshed and revenge that all too often follows these tragic events. However, these latest attack shows that when it comes to Islamic extremism, it's not just enough to speak softly and rationally, we must put the stick about.

Let us be clear about what should not occur in the reaction to this latest round of bloodshed perpetrated my Islamic extremists. France's Muslim population, Europe's Muslim populations and especially refugees should not receive blame for the actions of a few. Yes, eight attackers are guilty. Yes, this attack like so many others was carried out under the name of Islam and that this is happening far too often. Yet we should not forget that the vast majority of Muslims would never support such violence, that during the last attack Muslims died and risked their lives fighting against these extremists and that refugees are escaping these extremists.

France and indeed the western world need to attack Islamic extremism at its source
. This means relentlessly going after Daesh. However, it further means fighting against the theocratic regime in Tehran and its allies whose policies give life to those groups. Iranian backed militias committed massacres in Iraq and the Iranian government pushed the Iraqi government towards sectarianism. Similarly in Syria, the Iranian regime sponsored Assad's brutal crackdowns, chemical warfare and torture against innocent people on an unfathomable scale. While these actions may not have created Daesh, they at least added tremendously to their strength and serve as its main recruitment agent, as the Prime Minister David Cameron and Secretary Kerry have pointed out repeatedly.

Tactics used by Daesh, both in France and elsewhere were also largely adopted from the post-revolution Iranian regime. One of the first and largest hostage taking situations was carried out by the regime in Tehran. Suicide operations and tactics of bombing targets abroad were additionally adopted which enabled a state apparatus that could provide funding, organization, equipment and diplomatic cover that regular terror groups could only dream of. Daesh is just the radical Sunni version of what was and is a radical Shiite invention of Iran's Ayatollahs.


| - - -


We are extremely saddened at the tragic events of today and our thoughts and prayers are with Sir David Amess' family.

Please contact The Methodist Church for Great Britain media office for an official statement.

Our mission is to provide an open, welcoming and accepting, living place of Christian worship and service in our community, in which we seek to serve and follow Jesus Christ.


Sir David Amess has become the seventh MP to be murdered in office in modern times as questions persist over the safety of our elected representatives.

The Tory MP for Southend West, 69, was holding a surgery at the Belfairs Methodist Church, in Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea on Friday when his attacker charged into the building wielding a knife and attacked the veteran politician.

| - - - -


Murderer of Conservative MP Revealed to be 25-Year-Old Somali National

Likely Islamic terror attack.
Published 8 mins ago on 15 October, 2021
Paul Joseph Watson

    1 Comment

The murderer who brutally stabbed Conservative MP Sir David Amess to death earlier today in what is likely an Islamic terror attack has been identified as a 25-year-old Somali man.

Amess was attacked while attending his his constituency surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

The pro-Brexit, anti-abortion MP was stabbed "more than a dozen times" by the attacker and subsequently died on the scene while paramedics tried to treat his wounds.

"It is understood the man being held on suspicion of murder is of Somalian origin," reports the Telegraph.

The pro-Brexit, anti-abortion MP was stabbed "more than a dozen times" by the attacker and subsequently died on the scene while paramedics tried to treat his wounds.

"It is understood the man being held on suspicion of murder is of Somalian origin," reports the Telegraph.
According to the Independent, "The murder is being treated at this point as a probable Islamist terror attack."

The identity of the perpetrator will once again open up a debate in the UK about the threat posed by mass immigration, especially given the record numbers of boat migrants arriving on England's south coast.

The same leftists who rush to blame conservatives and white people in general after every right-wing terror attack will also pull their usual trick of claiming any focus on the terrorist's nationality or religion is "Islamophobic."

They will also continue to insist that "diversity is a strength."

The vast majority of terror attacks in the United Kingdom over the past 20 years have been carried out by Islamists, including the devastating 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, which was carried out by a jihadist who had been rescued from Libya as a refugee by the Royal Navy.


| - - -


Muslim Convert Responsible for Bow and Arrow Killings Described as "Danish National" by Media

Media outlets & Twitter bury likely motivation.

After a Muslim convert on a radicalization watchlist killed five people during a bow and arrow rampage in Oslo, media outlets and Twitter reacted by describing the perpetrator as a "Danish national."

Hmm, they appear to have left something out there.

Four women and one man were left dead after the attack, while an off-duty police officer and another person were wounded.

According to police chief Ole Bredrup Saeverud, the 37-year-old culprit had converted to Islam and "There were concerns over radicalisation."

General Discussion / Re: Do You Really think Biden ...
Last post by tahoeblue - Oct 15, 2021, 10:57:23 AM
How much co2 will be expended for this BS >?  How much caviar ?
Do u use gasoline or Nat Gas ,,,, or Coal ? for Winter ? to stay warm ?

We can only hope that they all take ONE PLANE and that that it runs out of fuel over the Atlantic

Exclusive: Biden sending 13 cabinet members, high-level officials to UN climate summit in show of force
By Ella Nilsen, CNN
October 14, 2021

President Joe Biden speaks to members of his Cabinet in July. The president is sending several senior administration officials, including eight Cabinet members, to COP26 in November.
President Joe Biden speaks to members of his Cabinet in July. The president is sending several senior administration officials, including eight Cabinet members, to COP26 in November.

(CNN)President Joe Biden is planning a show of strength at next month's pivotal UN climate summit in Glasgow.
The president is sending 13 cabinet members and senior administration officials, including his top domestic and international climate advisers Gina McCarthy and John Kerry, according to a schedule obtained by CNN.

In addition to Kerry and McCarthy, the officials attending are: Secretary of State Tony Blinken; Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg; Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm; EPA Administrator Michael Regan; Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack; Interior Secretary Deb Haaland; Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen; USAID Administrator Samantha Power; NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad; WH Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Eric Lander; and Brian Deese, the National Economic Council director.

"In Glasgow, the United States will showcase President Biden's whole-of-government approach to tackling the climate crisis," a White House official told CNN. "They will demonstrate the strength of the entire US government working in lock-step to reduce emissions and achieve our international climate commitments -- and that the countries who take decisive action on climate will reap the economic and jobs benefits of the clean energy future."

The White House official added that US officials will encourage other countries to take decisive action to keep 1.5 degrees of global warming within reach, especially as the world is currently on a trajectory to reach 2.7 degrees of global warming without significant emissions cuts.
Some Democratic senators recently told CNN they are anxious about whether Congress will have passed critical climate investments before the international summit.

| - - - -


Texas freeze shows a chilling truth – how the rich use climate change to divide us | Robert Reich

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the flow of electric power, exempted affluent downtowns from outages, leaving thriving parts of Austin, Dallas and Houston brightly lit while pushing less affluent precincts into the dark and cold.

Like the poor across America and much of the world, poor Texans are getting hammered by climate change. Many inhabit substandard homes, lacking proper insulation. The very poor occupy trailers or tents, or camp out in their cars. Lower-income communities are located close to refineries and other industrial sites that release added pollutants when they shut or restart.

In Texas, for-profit energy companies have no incentive to prepare for extreme weather or maintain spare capacity. Even if they're able to handle surges in demand, prices go through the roof and poorer households are hit hard. If they can't pay, they're cut off.


Jean Paul Getty (/ˈɡɛti/; December 15, 1892 – June 6, 1976), known widely as J. Paul Getty, was an American-born British petrol-industrialist who founded the Getty Oil Company in 1942 and was the patriarch of the Getty family.[2] A native of Minneapolis, he was the son of pioneer oilman George Getty. In 1957, Fortune magazine named him the richest living American,[3] while the 1966 Guinness Book of Records named him as the world's richest private citizen, worth an estimated $1.2 billion (approx. $7.4 billion in 2019).[4] At his death, he was worth more than $6 billion (approximately $21 billion in 2019).[5] A book published in 1996 ranked him as the 67th richest American who ever lived, based on his wealth as a percentage of the concurrent gross national product.[6]

In 1903, when Getty was 10 years old, George Getty traveled to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and bought the mineral rights for 1,100 acres of land. T

The Getty family subsequently moved to Bartlesville, where J. Paul Getty attended the Garfield School. Within a few years Getty had established wells on the land which were producing 100,000 barrels of crude oil a month.

In 1948-1949, Getty paid Ibn Saud $9.5 million in cash, guaranteed $1 million a year, and a royalty of 55 cents a barrel for the Saudi Arabian Neutral Zone concession. Oil was finally discovered in March 1953.[18] Since 1953, Getty's gamble produced 16 million barrels a year, which contributed greatly to the fortune responsible for making him one of the richest people in the world.

| - - - -

Empty Christmas Stockings? Don't Blame COVID, Blame California

Authored by Andrea Widburg via AmericanThinker.com,

The conventional wisdom from the left is that COVID is the reason that shipping containers are in the waters off California with no stevedores or truckers available to take care of them.


The short-term problem, though, is that California has passed laws taking trucks off the road:

    Twitter user Jerry Oakley reminds us that "Carriers domiciled in California with trucks older than 2011 model, or using engines manufactured before 2010, will need to meet the Board's new Truck and Bus Regulation beginning in 2020." Otherwise, "Their vehicles will be blocked from registration with the state's DMV," according to California law.

    "The requirement is to purchase electric trucks which do not exist."

Sundance, at Conservative Treehouse, expands on this, explaining that the EPA reached an agreement with the California Air Resource Board...

    ...to shut down semi tractor rigs that were non-compliant with new California emission standards. [snip] In effect, what this 2020 determination and settlement created was an inability of half the nation's truckers from picking up anything from the Port of LA or Port of Long Beach. Virtually all private owner operator trucks and half of the fleet trucks that are used for moving containers across the nation were shut out.

    In an effort to offset the problem, transportation companies started using compliant trucks (low emission) to take the products to the California state line, where they could be transferred to non-compliant trucks who cannot enter California.  However, the scale of the problem creates an immediate bottleneck that builds over time. It doesn't matter if the ports start working 24/7, they are only going to end up with even more containers waiting on a limited amount of available trucks.

That's Problem No. 1.

Problem No. 2, again according to Green, is California's infamous AB-5, the law that, as a sop to the Democrats' beloved unions, killed the gig economy:

    "Traditionally the ports have been served by Owner Operators," Oakley says, who are non-union. But under AB-5, "California has now banned Owner Operators."

    Just like the union longshoremen, union truckers work under a whole host of work rules that simply can't accommodate crisis conditions like the ones in Los Angeles.

(Incidentally, Green says that AB-5's language is included in the "Build Back Better" bill in Congress.)

All of this means that Biden's grandstanding about having the ports operate 24/7 won't make a difference. The greenies and the unions killed the infrastructure to unload those ships, with COVID restrictions, trucking restrictions, and free money landing the coup de grâce that led to this situation. Biden does have the emergency power to order those California laws in abeyance, but you know he's not going to do so.

But of course, the more serious underlying problem is that, in a distant, wonderful past, America didn't need to rely on containers from Asia to fill her store shelves and Christmas stockings. America was a manufacturing dynamo that fulfilled American needs and still had enough left over for the rest of the world. Those things were well-made, too.

Thanks to our Devil's bargain with communist China, we have no manufacturing sector and are utterly dependent on China, both for things we like and things we need. Biden's inflationary politics and crackdown on fossil fuels mean that it will be virtually impossible for a renaissance in American manufacturing.

Trump tried to stop this situation but China owns so much of America's political and industrial class that the pushback shackled his presidency and pushed him straight out of the White House.

It's a depressing scenario but the rosy side is that China's got a problem if America can't open the door to her products. Add to this the disastrous collapse in China's real property sector and China may be hurting as badly as we are.

| - - -

Gee if all the wind and solar electricity  is made into hydrogen then kiss your grid goodbye

Green Hydrogen ,,,,

Hindenburg Disaster - Real Footage (1937) | British Pathé

What is green hydrogen, how is it made and will it be the fuel of the future?

There is a cleaner way of getting hydrogen: a strong electrical current passed through a tank of water splits the molecule into its two constituent elements. This is called electrolysis.

Hydrogen atoms form hydrogen molecules (H2) and oxygen molecules pair up too. Each can then be bottled up (more on that later).

If the electricity is generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind, production of hydrogen in this way emits no greenhouse gasses.
COVID deaths plunge after Mexico City introduces ivermectin
Published on June 10, 2021
Written by wnd.com

A citywide initiative in Mexico City to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 patients resulted in a plunge in hospitalizations and deaths, two studies found.

Hospitalizations were down by as much as 76%, according to research by the Mexican Digital Agency for Public Innovation, Mexico's Ministry of Health and the Mexican Social Security Institute, according to a TrialSiteNews report highlighted by LifeSiteNews.

Earlier this month, as WND reported, a significant decrease in cases in India coincided with the national health ministry's promotion of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine treatments.

In Mexico City, after a spike in cases in December, the city's Ministry of Health created a home-treatment kit for residents. The city's metro population is 22 million.

At the time, the head of the Mexico City Ministry of Health, Oliva López, said told reporters her agency had determined "that there is enough evidence to use in people positive for SARS-CoV-2, even without symptoms, some drugs such as ivermectin and azithromycin."

Beginning Dec. 29, people who tested positive for COVID from an antigen test and who were experiencing at least mild symptoms began receiving one of the government's ivermectin-based treatment kits, TrialSiteNews reported.

The Mexican government then began a study to track the impact of the early treatment of COVID with ivermectin on the city's population.

The study tracked 200,000 people, dividing in two cohorts — those who received ivermectin and those who did not.

He found that excess deaths in the city dropped sharply only a few weeks after the ivermectin treatments began.

Ivermectin, in more than 30 trials around the world, causes "repeated, consistent, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes' at all stages of the disease," according to the study, which was published in the U.S. American Journal of Therapeutics.

The evidence is so strong, the researchers believe, the anti-parasitic drug should become a standard therapy everywhere, hastening global recovery.


Politicization of treatments

Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine, is one of many health experts who decry the politicization of COVID-19 treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

"You can hardly believe what anybody says anymore," Risch said in an interview in December with Fox News' Laura Ingraham. "We've lost 300,000 lives in the United States because our government has basic told everyone to go home, stay home, and if you can't breathe, go to the hospital."

That's not a form of treatment, he said, "it's what we call therapeutic nihilism."

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Mexico uses ivermectin
5 Jul 2021


Since the pandemic began some 350,000 excess deaths have been recorded. The death toll for Covid in Mexico may be 60% higher than the official Covid casualty count of 230,000.  As winter made the situation even worse, things got desperate enough (finally!) for cheap treatments to be organized.

Ivermectin use at 200 microgram/kg started on December 21 and was gradually rolled out across Mexico. It took months, but finally, for the first time in a year, Mexican deaths are back to normal, and even slightly lower.

Obviously some countries are too rich to use cheap drugs. For them, only patentable ones with big profits attached can "solve" this crisis.

Vaccinations did not start en masse til February 15th, and by the start of June only 17% of the country had even received one dose.


How many lives would have been saved and how many lockdowns could have been prevented?

Obviously excess deaths in a pandemic are also due to hospitals being overwhelmed, and shortages or restrictions and the failure of normal healthcare. It may be years before those factors can be unravelled and a better estimate of Covid deaths can be made.

After Mexico City introduced ivermectin plan, COVID hospitalizations and deaths disappeared.
So polish scientist shows that some shots are just saline ,,, while others have something else ...
Why Ivermectin as a parasite killing drug might be quite helpful ... for covid as parasite .... 

Tentacle Tuesday: Is There "A Thing" in COVID Vaccines?

Today on TRUNEWS, Rick and the team delve into the recent videos being released showing products in the so-called vaccine operating systems growing tentacles. Legitimate research confirms that the COVID virus does have dendrites meant to invade cells and to change the way cells operate.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey. Airdate 10/12/21
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Thousands march in Rome to protest workplace vaccine rule

Thousands of demonstrators have marched down Rome's Via Veneto and other main streets to protest a government rule requiring COVID-19 vaccines or negative tests for workers to enter their offices
By FRANCES D'EMILIO Associated Press
October 9, 2021, 11:52 AM

ROME -- Thousands of demonstrators marched down Rome's famous Via Veneto and other streets on Saturday, some smashing their way into a union office and clashing with police as they protested Italy's new "Green Pass" vaccination requirement for employees to enter their offices.

The certification is mandatory beginning on Oct. 15 and applies to public and private workplaces. Both employees and employers risk fines if they don't comply. Public sector workers can be suspended if they show up five times without a Green Pass. The pass is already required in Italy to enter museums, theaters, gyms and indoor restaurants, as well as to take long-distance trains and buses or domestic flights.

The passes show that a person has had least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, or recovered from the virus in the last six months, or has tested negative in the last 48 hours.
Draghi, meanwhile, pledged to go ahead with the government's vaccination campaign.

"The right to demonstrate one's ideas can never degenerate into acts of aggression and intimidation," Draghi said in a statement. He denounced as unacceptable any kind of intimidation against unions, whom he described as "a fundamental garrison of democracy."

Rome: Thousands protest against extension of COVID health pass to workplaces |Latest News |WION
Oct 10, 2021

Thousands at protest against green pass in Italy
Oct 9, 2021

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'This Mandate Is Unconstitutional': Mike Lee Assails Biden Vaccine Mandate
Oct 9, 2021

On Tuesday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) attempted a failed bill to exempt certain people from President Biden's vaccine mandate.

They Are Not Telling You The Truth': Ted Cruz Tears Into Biden, Harris Over Border
Oct 8, 2021

At a GOP press briefing on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blamed President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the continued surge of migrants at the southern border.
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