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Title: A Tale Of Two Steals
Post by: Q on Nov 17, 2020, 11:03:51 AM
It was the best of was the worst of crimes..

The establishment, that is, the global supernational government, aka the globalists, want Trump back in office. They want this because there is much more yet to be pinned on Trump and what he purportedly stands for.

About a year ago, I considered whether they could achieve their objectives without Trump being reinstalled in office. I also considered whether the effects of Brexit could be achieved without actually exiting the EU, since these two projects have always been run in parallel. I eventually concluded that neither was possible without the primary factor being in place - which means that Trump had to be in office and Brexit had to happen (and a hard Brexit at that).

Consequently, they stole this election for Trump. Enter the counter-steal, likely to be a domestic intel grouping. The initial steal was based on technology similar to exit poll data, and the counter-steal was based on actual vote numbers and projections, which led to the appropriate numbers of ballots to be found and applied.

74 million people allegedly voted for Trump; 80 million allegedly voted for Biden; both of those numbers are ridiculous. Biden inspired roughly zero enthusiasm and yet we are expected to believe that more people voted for him than had ever voted for anyone in the US before?

Similarly the turnout figures, some percentages being in the high 80s, are simply not credible but all of these numbers are exactly what one would expect to find if there was two separate vote-increasing election steal attempts.

This begs the question of who will win? I wouldn't count out the initial steal attempt just yet given the group behind it. If this does succeed, it will likely require some limited exposure of software based vote fraud, and if they are prepared to do this then it confirms that the technology has moved on (which of course it has).

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