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Title: BBC surreptitiously positing the end of Politics. Why Farage hates the BBC so.
Post by: Equal Opportunities Customer. on Nov 23, 2019, 08:46:06 AM
On the long-haul (time-served) Panel and Audience show 'Any-Questions' today, Radio 4 FM, (
the hosts address:

"Russian meddling in the election process and we MUST TAKE SERIOUSLY the INFORMATION WAR".


Any Questions? (

For a start. The British Public will never take the information-war seriously, they dare not & cannot grasp such a high-faluting CIA derived concept unless it suits the BBC's twisted-multi-façetted, multi-pronged populist attack on traditional values, and it will never do that. Can the BBC also co-opt the British information-war and reinvigorate it or EXPUNGE IT, by tapping its small remaining energy reserves to fuel the politicians' self-preserving purposes? I don't think so. I have to accept, as do the politicians, to all our chagrins, that this is the age of Iron & Clay. Of hard establishment dogman set against the soft-underbellies of the carbon-based humanoids ... (sic sic). (

Little Britain's inbred, (totally nepotistic) political-class can be seen as "passing - away".

So; what the BBC is currently doing, why they are failing massively and why Monseigneur Farage hates them so, and why he like millions, currently, wish to see them privatised, resulting in no more TVL licence or imprisonments, is that they know their time is up. And in turn they are pushing the envelope, seeking to see what penetrates the balloon's skin first, from the outside, to re-ignite their furnaces.
What extremes will and can be used against the human neurological system next!

Chris Mason presents political debate from Callington Community College in East Cornwall

Well, the human immune system has no resistance, absolutely no native resilience against silicon-based viruses. It's all entertainment; still all a big TVL licence assuring sing-along to the BBC. How's that for a bubble-bursting premise? Will that float your Noah's Ark? The replacement entire of the human eco-system by a silicon-based one? When Jones A (cia) talks of "Silicon Avatars", I think what he is thinking of, is an internet-based, non-real-world, 2-dimensional thinking; at this point. This is a long process though remember. So what do you get now? Roving street-gangs of pædo-hunters? That is status-quo.

The supplantation of multi-dimensional carbon-based thinking by silicon-based sterility will be a long-long process. and gladly it has begun. Finally we can see the New-World-Order coming into view; and swiftly, almost in a mass-panic-attack, committing to a clean break with humanity! And do I imagine that too? Science is not scared of you, and fallen-humanity's lies and failings must be replaced with righteousness.

Which side am I on?
I guess it must be winter-time. I'm with Jack-Frost on this one. I'd vote for his replacement though if I voted but remember; I won't be voting because politics is over ...

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