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Why I must balance my IMPEACHMENT plans with a little of what POTUS has to say..

Started by Ye Olde Powder Monkey, Jan 09, 2020, 07:52:58 PM

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Ye Olde Powder Monkey

From today's whitehouse brief:


Q    "And on impeachment, sir, would you support a deal for witnesses if that included testimony from Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I'm going to leave it to the Senate, but I'd like to hear the whistleblower.  I'd like to hear Shifty Schiff.  I'd like to hear Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.  You know.  How does Hunter Biden, with no experience whatsoever — would anybody up — Sean, would you like the Hunter Biden job?  He has no experience, making no money, and then all of a sudden, see, he's making millions and millions of dollars.  You'd take that.  Would you leave the union for that?  I think so.

MR. MCGARVEY:  Uh, I'm not sure, Mr. President.  (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT:  I know so, but I'm not going to tell.

No, no I'd like to hear from Hunter Biden.  I'd like to hear from — he's a corrupt politician, Adam Schiff.  He's corrupt.  He gave a sentence.  You know, he never knew I was going to release the transcript.  He gave a sentence that he made up.  He made it up.  And it was not the — it was not what was said in the conversation.  That's why I released the transcript; got approval from Ukraine.  We released the exact transcript, and it turned out to be totally different.

These are corrupt politicians.  The whole thing is a hoax.  But I would like to hear Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Adam "Shifty" Schiff, and some others — the informer that never showed up.  You know, once I released the transcript, you know what happened.  The informer — he never showed up.

And the second whistleblower — Jon, whatever happened to the second whistleblower?"


So you know, if there's anything to be found on the President on his handling of the Iran screw-up
then they'll have to find something first. By all means then. Like everyone's thinking. Get it over with.

.... aha-hah-aha ...

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