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On what grounds should Trump be impeached, Imprisoned &/or Executed? BAD PERSON!

Started by Equal Opportunities Customer., Nov 07, 2019, 01:59:18 PM

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Equal Opportunities Customer.

It's the same everywhere. Leftists everywhere. I spoke to a manager of a charity shop who said to me:

"He's probably a great president for America but he's A BAD PERSON."


None of any of us have a slightest clue what the impeachment is about.'


These wankers are so smart; your disease must surely GO GLOBAL.
I know; let's go the whole hog. Execution for being a person. A human person ... that's it.
An experiment to see if wanking makes you go blind or not. The evidence is now in. the Jury out.

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"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".


How about for funding and arming Marxist terrorists ?

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