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Bitcoin and the NFL

Started by poseidonlost, Dec 30, 2020, 09:11:33 PM

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With all that's happened this year. From complete national levels of turning from freedom and turning from faith and rioting over a "racist" country,  :)  something amazing happens...

Russell Okung to convert half his NFL salary to Bitcoin


By Nicolas VegaDecember 29, 2020  9:58am

Bitcoin is going pro.

Carolina Panthers tackle Russell Okung has agreed to receive half of his $13 million salary in the form of the volatile cryptocurrency, a payments startup announced Tuesday.

Although the NFL still pays Okung in US dollars, the checks are now sent via direct deposit to Zap, a startup that converts traditional paychecks into bitcoin.

Okung tweeted in May 2019 that he wanted to be paid with the digital token.

"Pay me in Bitcoin," read the simple tweet.

On Tuesday, Okung's Twitter account was updated to say "Paid in Bitcoin." He also tweeted a possible motivation for the odd request: "When we are all paid in Bitcoin, no one can tell us what to do with the value we create."

Paid in Bitcoin. https://t.co/Ey6oOcmLjA

— russ (@RussellOkung) December 29, 2020
The 32-year-old Texas native may not be the last professional athlete to be paid via digital currency. Zap founder Jack Mallers, who is reportedly a friend of Okung, told CoinDesk that unnamed players on both the Yankees and Brooklyn Nets have joined the program.

Bitcoin has been on a tear of late, surging past the $20,000 mark for the first time earlier this month and recently trading as high as $28,387 per coin.

The value of the world's biggest cryptocurrency has been boosted by hopes that it will become a more widely used payment method, with mainstream digital payments firms such as PayPal and Square allowing Bitcoin on their platforms.


I went through blood, sweat, and tears with this man. Go read his twitter. It's basically freedom, anti-socialism, hating the Federal Reserve, how Orwell was right, freedom of speech, on and on...

I've already started spreading him around to the right people. Just today, happened to meet someone who didn't know about him, but caught his attention for the right reasons. The guy he was talking to couldn't believe the NFL was paying in Bitcoin; he was a Bitcoin guy himself.  8) BOOSH MFs!

This guy Okung is AWAKE and I know it, because I remember his baby face.

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