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German nurse suspected of attempting to kill five PREMATURE babies with MORPHINE

Started by Ye Olde Powder Monkey, Jan 30, 2020, 07:16:49 AM

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Ye Olde Powder Monkey

A German nurse [FEMALE] is suspected of having injected morphine into five premature babies who survived the hospital's poisoning attempt, German police and prosecutors said on Thursday.

1/30/2020, 11:13:23 AM

An arrest warrant issued
"An arrest warrant has been issued against the nurse for attempted murder in five cases," said Christof Lehr, the prosecutor for the city of Ulm in southern Germany, adding that the police had discovered in his ~ HER ~ locker a syringe containing breast milk and traces of morphine.

The five babies born premature survived.

NB. This report states a HE.
The BBC Radio News and all other reports, are stating it is A FEMALE nurse.
Cpt's Log; 14.44 BST. 19 April, 2020: "I just day-dreamed a ramming incident.
An unusual dream indeed, as the ship I rammed belonged to The Vulcans.
I shall now walk onto their bridge and inspect all round for damage."


You have to be on the dark side to want to hurt five premature babies.  These are the very people, who sick people trust for help.

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Al Bundy

No more conspiracy theory. No more "law of silence" in the media in Serbia: 10000 babies stolen from hospitals in Serbia. "Doctors" and "nurses" told parents that their babies are dead. But no. International criminal group buying Serbian babies and selling it on the West.  >:(


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