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The Plot Against Harold Wilson

Started by EvadingGrid, Jun 12, 2019, 10:54:29 AM

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The Plot Against Harold Wilson

'In 2006, to mark the 30th anniversary of Harold Wilson's retirement, the BBC release the above documentary: The Plot Against Harold Wilson. It details how, throughout Wilson leadership, MI5 and the CIA were engaged in plans to undermine Wilson – even to the extent of having plans in place for a full-blown military coup should the need arise.

The tactics included attacking Wilson's staff and key allies, accusing him of being compromised by the Kremlin, and labelling him as "soft on the IRA".

These probably sound very familiar to anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to British politics.

Given Mike Pompeo's recent comments about America's willingness to overthrow Corbyn, if they deem it necessary, these past events take on a new significance.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we can take from this is just how far our media has fallen in only thirteen years. The BBC was never the bastion of truth it pretended to be, but ask yourself: would the BBC make this documentary now? Would not this be deemed "conspiracy theory" in our modern media landscape?

Even Jonathan Freedland, writing in the Guardian in 2006, did not question the truth of this. Instead, deeming it "Britain's Watergate", in his usual incredibly subtle way.

And yet, that same man has systemically taken part in very similar manoeuvres to undermine both Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. Smearing both as "antisemite" and "tool of the Kremlin" respectively, and even throwing around words like "traitor" and "treason". These are moves straight out of the CIA playbook.

We know for a fact that the Israeli embassy had agents trying to undermine Corbyn, and that the US Secretary of State outright stated they would removed Corbyn from power. There's even been rumblings of potential anti-Corbyn military coups in the past.

None of these received the coverage that the anti-Wilson plots did, just 13 years ago.

So what has happened to our media? Did they change their minds? Were they brainwashed? Bought off? Was the appearance of impartiality always just a thin veneer?

It's impossible to say.'

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The Plot Against Harold Wilson, BBC 2006

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I actually saw the Tanks heading off to Heathrow Airport.

So in my case, its kind of hard to dismiss it all as a conspiracy theory.  :)

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Clockwork Orange (plot)


Clockwork Orange is the name of the secret British security services project which was alleged to have involved a right-wing smear campaign against British politicians from 1974 to 1975.[1] The black propaganda led Prime Minister Harold Wilson to fear that the security services were preparing a coup d'état.[2] The operation takes its name from A Clockwork Orange, a 1971 Stanley Kubrick film based on an Anthony Burgess novel of the same name.

The project was undertaken by members of the British intelligence services and the British Army press office in Northern Ireland, whose job also included routine public relations work and placing disinformation stories in the press as part of a psychological warfare operation against the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

One of the project's members, Colin Wallace, who was the press officer at the Army Headquarters in Northern Ireland, also claims that in 1973, after MI5 became the primary intelligence service in Northern Ireland, the project began giving briefings to foreign journalists against members of Wilson's government. These briefings included distributing forged documents in an attempt to show that the victims were communists or Irish republican sympathisers leading a campaign to destabilise Northern Ireland[3] or were taking bribes.

After his resignation, Wilson claimed that he was the target of a planned military coup. He also denounced a campaign to smear him staged by members of MI5 in order to force his resignation.[4][5] According to journalist Barry Penrose, Wilson "spoke darkly of two military coups which he said had been planned to overthrow his government in the late 1960s and in the mid 1970s."[4]

In January 1974 the British Army carried out Operation Marmion, the occupation of London's Heathrow Airport on the grounds of training for possible violent non-state actor activity at the terminal,[6] without Wilson's foreknowledge.[7] The operation was repeated on three more occasions in June, July and September. These military deployments were perceived as a practice run for a military takeover rather than an anti-terrorist exercise.[6]

Airey Neave, a Conservative Member of Parliament, was alleged to have been involved with Clockwork Orange, and to have briefed Wallace on a number of occasions.[8]

Other than Wallace's testimony, the primary evidence for the existence of the plot consisted of a series of handwritten notes taken by Wallace in meetings with other members of the plot.[citation needed] Journalists investigating Wallace's story had these notes analysed by a forensic scientist, and the results were found to be consistent with the notes having been taken contemporaneously.[citation needed]

In the House of Commons, on 30 January 1990, junior defence minister Archie Hamilton, admitted the existence of a proposed project called Clockwork Orange, although he went on to say that the project was never approved for operation and that there was no evidence that the proposed project involved a smear campaign against politicians.[9]

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