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DEEP STATE Committee of 300 - Illuminati Objectives

Started by David Icke Bot, Mar 07, 2019, 05:36:11 AM

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DEEP STATE Committee of 300 - Illuminati Objectives

The quote above was made by Walther Rathenau in 1909. Walther eventually joined his father's firm, industrial giant AEG, the German General Electric Company. He succeeded his father as President of AEG in 1915. On June 24th, 1922, Walther was assassinated for his part in the negotiation and signing of the Treaty of Rapollo, but that's by the by.

Walther was a successful businessman, President of a huge company and a politician. His final political position was German Foreign Minister before his murder. He clearly knew a lot of stuff about a lot of people, especially regarding the plans of the New World Order at least as far back as 1909.

Dr. John Coleman is a British author and former member of the Secret Intelligence Service, more commonly known as MI6. It's a safe bet to say that he, like Rathenau, knows his onions and was probably aware of a thing or two that the general public are blissfully unaware of. This led to a career writing books on what the CIA have brainwashed us to be the dirtiest and silliest of things; Conspiracy Theories. Yet here we have a man who's held in high regard and possesses outstanding credentials.

He's published many books, including the exposure of the Tavistock Institute, HIV/AIDS, America's "Drug War" and Pearl Harbour, to name just a few. The work of his that we shall be looking at today revolves around his publication "Beyond The Conspiracy: Unmasking The Invisible World Government, The Committee Of 300".

This leads us to a document he wrote in 1993 entitled "21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300". It's essentially his simplified breakdown of what's in store for us from his book "Conspirator's Hierarchy: The story of the Committee of 300". I will link the full book in pdf format below. In it he names all the known Institutions and Organisations directly influenced by the 300. He also lists all 300 members of the Committee itself. All the info you need is in pages 143-160;

Source s/pdfs/pdf-archive/global2000reporttothepresident--enteringthe21stcentury-01011991.pdf

I'm not entirely convinced this is quite going to plan in America YET, though they do seem to be intent on self-destruction one way or another. But War, Famine and Disease seem more rampant than ever globally.

This little project was given to the notorious Tavistock Institute and they concocted what has become known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy". The plan revolves around creating mass unemployment in the hope that the working people resort to drugs, alcohol,etc... Anything that fucks them over and kills them with a bit of luck. The youth were also to be perverted by music and drugs in order to make them turn their backs on the family unit, thus making it powerless.

I think we can see the results of this in recent years all across the Western world and beyond. All manufactured by the Deep State and their despicable engineers. Read my recent article on Tavistock here;

Tavistock Institute - The Deep State's Engineers

The above is straight from Wikipedia, a basic overview of what the Tavistock Institute claims to be. It's also what Wikipedia allow it to be known as on their platform.

Personally, I only became aware of this place recently. They have been covered by this site before but it's been a while. So with that in mind, I thought I'd shine some much needed light on this lot again. We should never take the light off the shite in my opinion.

The two most well-known books written about this most dubious of Institutes are "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural and Political" by John Coleman in 2006 and "Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses" by Daniel Estulin in 2015.
I reckon the titles of these books somewhat giveaway what we're dealing with here. I won't be writing any novels about this but we can take a good look. I'd always recommend further reading and viewing for those who wish to dig further. PLEASE dig further...



Neturei Karta - Jews against Israel and Zionism

Neturei Karta means "Guardians of the City" in Aramaic. They're a group of Orthodox Haredi Jews that was formed in 1938 in Palestine while it was still under British control. They've spread out around the world with branches in the UK and America. They're also known to hold controversial views on the Holocaust and associate themselves with controversial people. More on that later.

They are vehemently anti-Zionist due to it's secular and political nature. They're also passionately against the state of Israel, believing that it's not only illegal but against God's wishes. Judaism tells them that they're prohibited from having a Jewish state until the coming of the Messiah. And the Messiah hasn't arrived yet. Below is the link to my recent article on Zionism;

Zionism - The Birth and Rise of a Political Movement

Above is a pretty standard definition for Zionism, covering it from it's beginnings through to the present day. So let's break this down a bit, starting from the most obvious place, the start...

Zionism originated in Europe in the late 19th century, finally becoming a political organisation in 1897. "Zion" refers to Jerusalem, specifically a certain hill in Jerusalem.

Theodor Herzl is widely accepted as the instigator of Zionism, outlining his plans for a future independent Jewish state in his book "Der Judenstaat" in 1896. In German, this translates as "The Jew's state" but is more commonly referred to as "The Jewish state".

Christian Zionism is actually widespread. Based on the teachings of the Bible, many Christians believe that the Israelites, God's chosen people, have a divine right to their own state/country. This of course refers to the descendants of the Biblical Jews and is also known as the "Promised Land".
Biblical prophecy states that the Jewish people will eventually return to their homeland;

This verse from the Bible above is what's gained Zionism continued support from many Christians. After all, God himself was clearly pulling no punches when telling Abraham what was rightfully theirs.

However, Zionism as we know it was borne from a resurgence in anti-semitism. Bizarrely, lands that were considered for this new Jewish state were in Argentina, Uganda, Cyprus and apparently Texas of all places. During the early part of the 1900's, various Zionist groups began to emerge in America. They published their own propaganda in the form of magazines and other reading material. The aim of this was to influence US Congress and the American public. However, at that time in America's history, the top brass felt that Zionism conflicted with their own interests. It didn't directly involve America at that point so support was not exactly forthcoming. That was to change some years later...

Moving forward we arrive at World War 1.  The "Great War" saw the fall of the Ottoman empire. In 1916, the Sykes-Picot agreement was made between England and France. Basically, this carved up the Middle East by splitting it and then further dividing it into various states. Britain took control of Palestine after WW1. One year later, in 1917, came the "Balfour Declaration" which was to change everything.

Arthur Balfour, then British home secretary, wrote a letter to Walter Rothschild of Rothschild fame, wealth, power and influence. Balfour told Rothschild how the British government were prepared to support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. The UK effectively took on the responsibility of making sure this happened. Below is the meat and potatoes of what Balfour wrote;

This was the same Rothschild banking family who were openly funding both sides during WW1. They went on to do exactly the same in WW2, funding both sides need for soldiers, weapons, equipment and supplies. EVERYTHING. In order to actually establish a Jewish state, the Rothschilds and the rest of the Zionists needed PEOPLE! People who were willing to leave their current homeland and move to what was still essentially Palestine. They also needed the world's superpowers to support this venture.

In preparation, Zionists began to buy land and property and settle in Palestine. This was all while Palestinians, Muslims and other Jews already lived there. Before Israel officially became a state in 1948, it's no secret that Palestinians did indeed revolt and protest. Zionists say this was down to anti-semitism. This clearly wasn't the case, their homeland was being invaded and Palestinians knew it. They were standing up for themselves, it didn't matter to them that the invaders were Zionists and/or Jews.

So now we get to the point where the Zionists have got what they wanted, a Jewish ethno-state. Almost immediately, around 700,000 Palestinians were banished and/or fled their homes. One could draw parallels with what happened at this time with any other ethnic-cleansing that's happened in history. It could also be claimed that the Zionists themselves were being anti-semitic. The definition of a Semite is anyone who's native language is semitic, such as Arab Palestinians for example.

Since 1948, Israel has enforced a system of apartheid and occupation of Palestine and it's people. War is ongoing and violence is a daily occurrence as we all probably know. After victory in the "Six-Day War" in 1967, Israel captured the Gaza strip and the West Bank along with other territories.

The United Nations were not happy bunnies about what had gone down. They called for Israel to immediately withdraw from all Arab land taken during it's attacks in the war. Israel refused. Zionists protested that Israel was abandoned and forsaken by all other nations after WW2, leaving them surrounded by what were basically enemy countries.

This was self-defence in their eyes. Don't forget that Jewish Zionists believe they are God's chosen people and the land they've taken was their's anyway, by virtue of God's word. This was their destiny and it had been fulfilled.
However, the "Greater Israel Project" reveals that they had no plans to settle for what they got and this was actually the plan since Zionism's inception over 120 years ago.

Israel's expansion still has a LONG way to go according to their agenda. It can only be completed via war. This quest and their human right's violations have so far gone unchallenged and unpunished by the United Nations.

While Israel claims to be a Jewish state, it seems they're very picky about which type of Jew is actually acceptable. Palestinian Jews who were already there when Israel was formed were not welcome. Neither were Ethiopian Jews who were transported to Israel in the 1980's and 1990's.

The irony of this is the ongoing yet hush-hush argument regarding the origins of the European Jews that first started the Zionist movement. Their ancestors can be traced back, not to the original Israelites but to Khazaria in Eastern Europe. The Khazarian empire converted to Judaism over 1000 years ago before it's eventual collapse. It's people then fled, spreading all over Europe and eventually to America. I'll link a previous article of mine below for full details;

Israel - Who are the true Israelites?

Do the modern Jewish people descend from the tribe of Judah or are European Jews in fact gentiles whose ancestors converted to Judaism?

It is widely thought that most who call themselves "Jewish" are not actually descendants of Jacob, a name later changed to "Israel". This means that they have no business in Palestine.

Eastern European Jews were mainly descendants of Turkish Khazars and converted to Judaism in medieval times. THIS means that modern Jews have no blood-ties to the original Israelites.

Jewish historians themselves have stated that 90% of all modern day Jews actually originate from what was known as Khazaria. This land comprised parts of southern Russia, northern Caucasus, eastern Ukraine, Crimea, western Kazakhstan, and northwestern Uzbekistan.

Khazaria existed from around the 5th century to the 11th century. It was resurrected on May 14th, 1948.

Arthur Koestler, a Jewish writer, published his book "The Thirteenth Tribe" in 1976. In it, he describes how the Khazars made Judaism their national religion in the 8th century. This was based on the Babylonian Talmud (circa 500AD) and is the primary source of Jewish religious law and theology.

Also in this book, Koestler provides evidence that although Khazaria was conquered by Genghis Khan, the Khazars themselves fled to Poland. Over time, the Khazars migrated to Germany and Russia also.

In more modern times, other Jewish historians like Koestler have come out and openly admitted that they are not the true Hebrews of the Bible. They say that the world has been fooled; therefore, how can they "return" to Israel when they or their descendants were never there to begin with? The Zionist movement officially established itself in 1897. Their dream was to create a homeland for Jews. This "dream", going to Palestine and illegally taking their land, has turned into a nightmare of hate and violence that will continue forever, or until the Palestinians are wiped out. Either way, peace is not imminent.

The Zionist idea that Palestine is their homeland is a terrible lie. The pale-skinned descendants of the Khazars are NOT descendants of the original Jews of Palestine. 2000 years ago, there were no white people in Palestine.

In the time of the Khazars immigration to their countries, medieval Europeans naturally presumed that Jesus himself, along with all the original Jews, were fair-skinned just like them.

This is why Jesus is portrayed so heavily as having blue or green eyes, auburn/brown hair and light skin. Jesus, or Yeshua, would have looked nothing like this.

Jesus and this likeness we have all seen was invented by the Catholic Church. In the early 16th century, Pope Benedict VI had portraits of Jesus made in the image of his son, Cesare Borgia. This became the template for the images of Christ that we still see to this day; Jesus would have actually looked middle-eastern.

"The Thirteenth Tribe" should have blown all that we thought we knew about modern Judaism out of the water; but it was largely ignored after publication in 1976.

It talked about the origins of God's "chosen people" that the church accepted as being the Jews. However, these Jews from eastern Europe were known to be the descendants of the Khazarians who had merely converted to Judaism over 1000 years prior.

Such talk was condemned as anti-semitic even though Koestler's book proved that modern day Jews had very little if any connection to the biblical Israelites.

Henry Ford had research conducted into the origins of European Jews who had been flocking to America since the 1880's. This led to the publication of his book "The International Jew" in 1923.  Ford also discovered that the Jews of the time were not descendants of the biblical Israelites.

His research concluded that "these [so-called] Jews, were committing all sorts of crimes while under the cover of being called 'chosen people of the bible'... were rapidly taking economic and political control of America."

Ford summed it up by saying "The Jews are not the chosen people, though practically the whole church has succumbed to the propaganda which declares them to be so."

After causing a mass outcry and backlash, Ford's book was quick to disappear. By "The Jews" he actually meant "These Jews [in America]" who he believed to be frauds.

The Zionist controlled media quickly began referring to Jews as "Israelites". Anyone opposing the Zionist control of the nation was labelled as anti-semitic. Meanwhile, Zionist control of politics, society and religions was on the increase.

A retired US military intelligence officer named John Beaty published "The Iron Curtain over America" in 1951.
He too presented evidence that showed "The Eastern European Jews were actually Khazars and had no racial ancestry in Israel at all."

He also stated that by 1951, the Zionists had a firm grip on American politics, banking, the media and entertainment industry. He also demonstrated how they dominated the worlds of medicine, law and organised crime.

Only 2000 copies of Beaty's book were ever circulated originally but in recent years, due to renewed interest and enlightenment, both his and Ford's book have become widely available.

Jewish gangsters made a killing, quite literally, during the Prohibition years in America. As well as making huge fortunes from illegal booze, they were alleged to have killed around 500 people during this period. "Murder Incorporated", founded by Jewish gangsters Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, were who Al Capone is suspected of calling on to carry out the infamous St. Valentine's day massacre.

There was also "The Purple Gang", one of the other suspected gangs that committed the St. Valentine's day massacre, who operated out of Detroit. They were an association of hijackers and bootleggers who's members were almost all Jewish. This is not a slight on anyone, the Italian Mafia at the time was comprised of almost all... Italians.

Colonel Curtis B. Dall published his book "Israel's Five Trillion Dollar Secret" in 1977. He was another to provide hard facts that "the Jews are NOT Israelites" with regards to the modern day Jewish people.

And this is the point; to claim to be Jewish is to claim to be an Israelite. Evidence overwhelmingly proves otherwise. Anyone can convert to any religion, but it does not change your ancestry.

The truth is that if the Jews who created Israel in 1948 were not the biblical Israelites but were in fact the descendants of gentiles who merely converted to Judaism, then Israel itself is just a huge lie. The biggest case of Identity theft in history.

When the late Helen Thomas, famous author and journalist, was asked if she had any comments on Israel she said "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine." When asked where they should go, she responded "They should go back home.... to Poland, Germany, America..."

She also said the following; "Congress, the White house, Hollywood and Wall Street are owned by the Zionists, they put their money where their mouth is."

In 1956, Gamal Abdul Nasser, the former president of the United Arab Republic said he could not respect the Jews because they left Israel black and came back white.

So who are they? The vast majority of Jews are just that; Jewish. However, this millennia old ruse gave rise to Zionism and the world has been on the receiving end of this great deception.

The fact that this is also recognised as truth by many highly respected Jewish scholars speaks volumes.

As stated at the beginning, nothing written here was in any way intended to be derogatory to ordinary Jewish people. This is purely about the deceit of those throughout history who have used Judaism as a tool or weapon for their own furtherance; the psychopathic cabal known as Zionists. The same people who deemed it "right" to steal land from Palestine.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there will be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford.

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Source s/pdfs/pdf-archive/global2000reporttothepresident--enteringthe21stcentury-01011991.pdf



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