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Minority Report: NYPD unveils plan to deploy drone fleet

Started by David Icke Bot, Dec 14, 2018, 05:18:55 AM

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Minority Report: NYPD unveils plan to deploy drone fleet that will soon use facial recognition to scan citizens on the streets

'The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has a new crime-fighting tool at their disposal and it will forever change how police do their jobs. The NYPD has unveiled a new Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which will assist during hostage situations and crime scene surveillance. The new program includes eleven new quad copter drones that can be deployed quickly for tactical operations. The NYPD will also possess two larger, weather-resistant drones equipped with 3D mapping and 30X zoom cameras with thermal imaging capabilities.

The large surveillance drones are intended to help out with search and rescue missions, but their capabilities could easily be abused to spy on suspicious targets and commit 'color of law' abuses. Right now the NYPD says the tactical drones will not be equipped with weapons and will not conduct "routine patrols." This does not mean that the drones won't be used to patrol, monitor, and record when the NYPD deems that the safety of the public is "at risk."

In what ways will the NYPD push the boundaries of tactical and surveillance drones?

According to the police commissioner, the drones will be used responsibly for incidents such as hazardous materials accidents. The drones will also be used to survey inaccessible crime scenes. As the NYPD gets comfortable with the technology, in what ways will they push the boundaries? If officers were desperate to locate a specific person, they could use facial recognition technology on the drones to scan citizens on the streets. This level of police power will inevitably enforce greater citizen compliance to laws and regulations, and desensitize them to abuse. The New York Civil Liberties Union is speaking out about the NYPD's new drone policy, which doesn't do enough to safeguard against potential privacy violations. They also question whether the new drone fleet provides for "sufficient law enforcement needs."'

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U.S. proposes to allow drone operation at night, over people


The Trump administration on Monday proposed rules that would allow drones to operate over populated areas and end a requirement for special permits for night use, long-awaited actions that are expected to help speed commercial use of small unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.

The proposals, drafted by the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S. Transportation Department, come amid concerns about dangers that drones potentially pose to aircraft and populated areas.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the department was aware of drone safety issues.

"The department is keenly aware that there are legitimate public concerns about drones, concerning safety, security and privacy," Chao said at a speech in Washington.

Two London airports have been disrupted by drone sightings in recent weeks and the British government is considering toughening laws that ban the use of drones near airports.

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) and Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) are among a growing number of companies hoping to make package delivery by drones a reality.

The FAA said that in developing the proposals its challenge was to "balance the need to mitigate the risk small unmanned aircraft pose to other aircraft and to people and property on the ground without inhibiting innovation."

Chao noted there are nearly 1.3 million registered drones in this country and more than 116,000 registered drone operators.

The FAA is proposing ending requirements that drone operators get waivers to operate at night. Through 2017, the FAA granted 1,233 waivers and "has not received any reports of (drone) accidents," it said.

The FAA would require that drones have "an anti-collision light illuminated and visible for at least three statute miles," as well as testing and training.

More at the link ---> https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-drones/u-s-proposes-to-allow-drone-operation-at-night-over-people-idUSKCN1P828W

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Police Pre-Crime 'Minority Report' Systems Announced

TruePublica Editor: Back in May 2017, I predicted that the police would be doing just that – predicting. I warned that Britain already has a reputation for deploying the most intrusive surveillance systems against its own people in the Western world. I warned that our civil liberties are being systematically dismantled, driven through the false narrative of security.

I also warned that police departments around the world are partnering with private companies to use public data, personal information and algorithms to predict where illegal actions are most likely to occur and, crucially, who is most likely to commit them. In an article I wrote warning of all these coming intrusions, there was also a review of a documentary film that focused on pre-crime technology.

Quote"There are predictive police programs in Fresno, Philadelphia, Chicago, and in Kent and London featured in the film. Are these all pilot programs? And the chilling answer from the director of the documentary "Not any longer. Kent's program is 4 years old."

From Big Brother Watch comes the official news that UK police are now investing heavily in pre-crime and predictive systems.

UK police are investing millions in a new predictive system, the National Data Analytics System (NDAS), which will analyse vast quantities of data from police databases, social services, and even the NHS and schools in order to predict who is likely to commit crimes, despite serious concerns over profiling, 'the potential reversal of the presumption of innocence', and the impact of 'inaccurate prediction'.'

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