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Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades

Started by EvadingGrid, Oct 17, 2018, 06:27:59 AM

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Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades

'Police deployed 24 undercover officers to infiltrate a small leftwing political party over a 37-year period, the Guardian can reveal.

The police spies infiltrated the Socialist Workers party (SWP) almost continuously between 1970 and 2007, often with more than one undercover officer embedded within the party.

Four of them deceived women into sexual relationships while using their fake identities. One spy met one of his wives during his deployment and had a child with her.

About one-third of the total number of undercover officers embedded in political organisations that have so far been publicly identified infiltrated the SWP, a Trotskyite party of a few thousand members that advocates the abolition of capitalism through revolutionary means.

The scale of the infiltration of the SWP – far larger than any other political organisation – is revealed in a database compiled following investigations by the Guardian and the Undercover Research Group, a network of activists that scrutinises police espionage.

The database lists 124 groups that have been spied on by undercover police officers since 1968.

The next-biggest infiltration of a specific organisation was against the campaign opposing the Vietnam war, which was penetrated by nine undercover officers between 1968 and 1972.

The database is incomplete as the full list of groups that were spied on has yet to be established.'

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It's cool for Brit snoops to break the law, says secretive spy court.
20 Dec 2019 at 18:47

It's perfectly legal for British spies to break the law, Britain's secretive spy court has ruled – making a mockery of other laws intended to keep eavesdropping agencies and others under effective control.

In an exercise of legal clever-clogsing intended to let spies pretend to the gullible that they haven't got official top cover for breaking the law with impunity, as they now unquestionably do, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruled that MI5 has the "power" to break the law but not to award itself "immunity".

The difference was not explained fully, though the judges hinted that, in theory, legal arguments to stop a prosecution of a law-breaking British spy would be based on the "public interest".

I do not support in any way the ideology of The Socialist Workers' Party, by the way.
I believe they are so dim that the presence of MET spies/Special Branch in their ranks, is a training exercise.

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