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Beware the curse of becoming 'useless'

Started by EvadingGrid, Oct 15, 2018, 08:34:39 AM

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Beware the curse of becoming 'useless' - a snapshot of modern day Britain

Hate your 9am to 5pm job? Tapping away on a computer in a silent, soulless office to get just enough money to meet the monstrous household bills?

You're one of the lucky ones, honest. You are one of the 'useful'. Wait until you become 'useless', there won't be butter on either side of your bread....

Consider these two examples in the last 24 hours.

.A former soldier makes a Facebook post, cursing how he has been treated now he is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.....

.A young woman begging outside the town's cinema curses how she has been called 'scum', 'low life' and a 'scrounger' by passers by

Their problem is they have become – through no fault of their own – 'useless'. They are no longer economically viable. As far as the state is concerned, they deserve what they get. NOTHING!

This is how things work in modern day Britain, one of the biggest economies in the world.

When you are born, you are provided with a birth certificate. It's a form of death sentence to be honest.

This turns you into an employee of UK Plc before you have learnt to suck your thumb. A bond is created which is then traded on the stock market.

This, in effect, makes us the human collateral for the nation's debt.  Our Government can never, ever hope to pay back the banks all they are owed – despite all that rubbish we have been told for a decade now about austerity.

Instead they give the people value and say 'here are our slaves, they will be working for us'.

Some, like the soldier, choose a career in the armed forces. Those advertisements sure look good, don't they? It'll do wonders for your character and discipline and help you get all that aggression out of your system. You may even get to kill a few people – and nobody will tell you off for it.

And, yes, they are usually looked after pretty well whilst they are 'useful'.

But what happens when the fighting is over? When the human inside the soldier begins to consider what he or she has seen and/or done?

A soldier with a devastated body or mind is 'useless'. How well are they looked after then?

Yes, the state goes through the motions. A very large rehabilitation centre opened recently near me – they even wheeled out the Duke of Cambridge to bless it.

But this counts for little when homeless and suicide statistics among veterans are considered. They are truly, truly shocking. I'm not going to quote them because the 'official' stats won't even scratch the surface....

The problem is, you see, these poor folk have become 'useless'.

They can't 'do business' any more by going to war and enriching The Crown. Spam_A Spam_B They are now drains on the public purse....and boy do the state not want to go down the rabbit hole of wholesale compo for PTSD. That would make PPI look like chicken feed.

The elite view society as 'useless eaters', that's bad enough. But now their sadistic ways have been passed on to some of us 'normal' folk.

The young woman I have referred to is my case in point. I happen to know her story. I won't share it here because it's her story. But everything that has happened to her could just as easily have happened to you or I. Still could for that matter.....

I will say this. A couple of years ago she had a job, home, partner. Nobody called her 'scum', 'low life' or scrounger back then. She is the same person today but she has gone from 'useful' to 'useless'.

So 'useless' that whatever she begs is not usually enough to pay for a temporary roof over her head at night. Barely enough to have a hot meal....

But don't worry I hear you say, we will change the Government at the next General Election. Labour will sort this mess out.....

If only it was as simple as that. Jeremy Corbyn may care for the disadvantaged – I'm one of those who believes he actually does – but he can't change the system that causes this despair.

For whilst we are traded as economic products from birth, only considered 'useful' whilst we are in the business of making money – we have no chance.

Soldiers nurse their mental wounds by drinking themselves into oblivion, young people get verbally abused for wanting to eat – and the elderly, most of whom have worked all their lives, get treated shambolically in private care homes.

Meanwhile the Government attempts to turn the tables – convert a few of the 'useless' back into 'useful'.

They re-examine damaged limbs and shattered minds – sometimes after years and years – and declare them to be 'useful' after all.

"You can go out and work for us – no need to pay you for being 'useless'"

One day we will wake up. I hope.

People will go into the City of London, upturn the money tables, and bellow at the true 'scum', 'low life' and 'scroungers'.

Councils or maybe landlords will not put up with people sleeping in their streets – they will automatically give them a home.

Soldiers will be given the time, care and expert attention to come to terms with the past and move into the future.

The elderly will be treated with the love and respect they deserve by care workers regarded as some of the most valued members of society....

To do so, we will have to recognise that human beings are 'useful' whether able bodied or disabled, young or old, thin or fat, black or white.

We are 'useful' just for being us, not for what we bring to the economic table.
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