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City to cancel loitering fine for ‘dementia patient’ who rested at bus stop

Started by David Icke Bot, Nov 28, 2017, 06:52:26 AM

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RT - Russia Today

Outcry forces German city to cancel €35 loitering fine for 'dementia patient' who rested at bus stop

'In a strict application of its anti-homeless law Dusseldorf authorities fined an 86-year-old "dementia patient" €35 for spending eight minutes at a bus stop without boarding a vehicle. Following a media storm, the city canceled the penalty.

According to a friend of the elderly couple at the heart of the scandal, who told the story to Bild after posting a copy of the fine on social media, the frail pensioner, whose name has not been given, likes to walk his 15-year-old dog through the town center, where both the animal and its owner often rest at public benches and bus stops.

On November 14, he sat down at a bus stop from 11:40-11:48 am, and was immediately fined by a city official who took down his details, with the authorities subsequently sending an invoice to his address. By the time he received the invoice he had forgotten the incident, whose seriousness he did not appear to grasp in the first place.'

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Thank God that the people of this city have some common sense !
This is an example of good people rising up to fight against fascism.
What a stupid law!

I am aghast at the stupidity of the police who charged this elderly person with a crime .
What kind of training do the German police receive in social issues,
in common decency,
in human compassion?

And what if the man did NOT have dementia?
What is wrong with  ANYONE sitting down for a few minutes in a public place ?

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