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CIA poisoned an entire town with LSD

Started by David Icke Bot, Nov 09, 2017, 04:45:51 AM

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Investigation reveals the CIA poisoned an entire town with LSD to see what would happen

'When the inhabitants of the quaint village known as Pont-Saint-Esprit in southeastern France experienced hallucinations and what can only be described as mass insanity back in 1951, the flour at a local bakery was blamed. However, a writer who was researching a book found evidence that it was actually an intentional mind control experiment carried out by the CIA.

In what is known locally as the "Mystery of the Cursed Bread," local people were suddenly gripped by frightening hallucinations involving snakes, dragons and fire on August 16, 1951. Five people died and dozens of people were committed to asylums, with hundreds being left with some degree of madness after the incident. People were delirious, with Time magazine reporting at the time that some believed their heads were turning to molten lead or that flowers were blooming from their bodies.

Locals still talk about the incident, recalling being placed in straitjackets or chained to beds to stay under control. Some say they'd rather die than experience it again. The most widely accepted explanation at the time was that a poisonous fungus known as ergot must have contaminated the flour at a local bakery, the Roch Briand. The fungus, which can occur naturally on rye, is known to cause hallucinations.

Author H.P. Albarelli Jr. has a different explanation. While he believes the bread could indeed be to blame, he suspects it did not have anything to do with the psychedelic fungus and was instead laced with LSD. Indeed, experts say that ergot contamination would have led to a far more widespread outbreak of hallucinations than just this one village.'

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