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BLACK DEATH : Plague is in Madagascar

Started by David Icke Bot, Oct 23, 2017, 06:00:32 AM

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Black death: No one safe as Madagascar leader says plague affecting EVERY part of society


An outbreak of plague, also known as the Black Death, in Madagascar has so far killed nearly 100 people and experts are warning the disease is still spreading.

Health officials say the disease, which contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, has spread from rural areas into urban areas not usually affected.

Hundreds of cases are reported on the tropical island every year, but experts are warning the epidemic is "much more dangerous" than in previous years.

Officials have reported infections in 17 of huge island nation's 22 regions since the outbreak started in August.

Popular tourist destination Madagascar usually sees between 300 and 600 cases of plague annually, but this year's epidemic has infected more than 900.'

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Plague warning is issued for NINE countries including British tourist hotspots amid fears the outbreak in Madagascar could spread on flights

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Africa braced for epidemic of deadly airborne PLAGUE after it infects 1,300 people in Madagascar and map reveals the nine countries officials fear it will spread to next


'Health chiefs are desperately trying to contain a deadly outbreak of airborne plague in Africa that has prompted warnings in nine countries.

More than 1,300 cases have now been reported in Madagascar, health chiefs have revealed, as nearby nations have been placed on high alert.

Two thirds of those are suspected to be pneumonic - described as the 'deadliest and most rapid form of plague', World Health Organization figures show.

The deadly disease is caused by the same bacteria that wiped out at least 50 million people in Europe in the 1300s.

However, the lethal form currently spreading is different to the bubonic strain which was behind history's Black Death. Pneumonic can spread through coughing and can kill within 24 hours.

The outbreak is moving quickly, with several British holiday hotspots now deemed at risk of the epidemic spreading, including Seychelles, South Africa and La Reunion.

Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros and Mauritius are the six other countries to have received the heightened alert.

It has been reported as many as 50 aid workers are believed to have been among the people infected.'

Read more: Africa braced for epidemic of deadly airborne PLAGUE after it infects 1,300 people in Madagascar and map reveals the nine countries officials fear it will spread to next

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Worth keeping a weather eye on this story, just in case.

It won't take that long before an African Migrant, crossing from say Libya, brings Plague to Europe.
That would certainly upset various interest groups, who want the mass migration.

One can easily imagine how this might play out in a Post-Facts world.

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'It's a scary, terrible disease and has caused more human deaths than anything else':
World Bank releases $5M in aid as deadly plague epidemic in Madagascar reaches 'crisis' point


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Interesting fact from my "Everything You Know Is Wrong - I was social-engineered" thread.

Everything You Know Is Wrong - I was social-engineered

Example 40

The Black [Bubonic] Plague (Second historical outbreak 1334 - 1348) was probably not a bacterial plague (Yersinia pestis). It was most likley a hemorrhagic plague i.e. (Ebola (Ebola Virus Disease), Hendra virus disease, Lassa fever, Marburg hemorrhagic fever).


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Plague fears grow as Malawi becomes tenth African nation put on alert for the spread of the killer disease

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Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon

'Thousands of people have been infected and over 143 are now reported dead from the plague outbreak that's now threatening Africa, reports the UK Daily Mail. "Health officials are unsure how this year's outbreak began," reports the paper. "Experts warn the disease spreads quicker in heavily populated areas."

Isn't it interesting that just as Prince William is calling for "urgent depopulation efforts" in Africa, we suddenly have the rapid spread of the plague from unknown origins? As Natural News previously reported, Prince William appears to be pushing for depopulation efforts across Africa in the name of environmentalism:

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Deadly outbreak of black death which has killed 140 in Madagascar may mutate and become UNTREATABLE

* Pneumonic plague has already infected 2,000 in Madagascar and killed 143 in the country's worst outbreak in 50 years
* Ten African nations are on alert amid fears the disease will spread via airplanes
* That has led to fears the disease could spread to Europe as Ebola did in 2014
* Expert warns that, once here, the disease could mutate and become untreatable

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline
Published: 14:40 GMT, 12 November 2017


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Patients infected with the plague in Madagascar are escaping from hospital because they are afraid of NEEDLES sparking fears disease could spread across ten African countries

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The Black Death (The Plague Documentary) | Timeline

Timeline - World History Documentaries
Published on Nov 25, 2017

48 Minutes Mainstream TV Doc

The Black Death was an unprecedented human disaster of appalling magnitude. In three dreadful years over one third of Europe's population was wiped out.

Everyone believed it heralded the end of the world. To the chroniclers of Padua the plague was devastation deemed more final than Noah's flood. The plague shook the wealthy, relatively well-populated, confident society of mid-14th-century Western Europe to its foundations. This film follows the spread of the plague and its implications for the Europe of the Middle Ages. Looking at issues such as medicine, religion, superstition and society, and employing expert analysis from top historians, this is a fascinating look at one of the most chilling and terrible periods in all of human existence. Most of all, this is history told through contemporary voices of some of the key chroniclers of the time. Real people who contracted the disease and died from it, but who left amazing, vivid accounts of what it feels like to live in a world that is falling apart.

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