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Establishment Agencies, Government found Co-opting Lexicon of the Truth-Movement

Started by Equal Opportunities Customer., Mar 01, 2012, 04:35:16 PM

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Equal Opportunities Customer.

In Britain there is a legislation called 'Adult Services Protection Act of 2007'.

It has as one of it's catchphrases, actually the only one I've heard, as used personally in my own case, by social services: - "Hidden in Plain View".
Apparently, the phrase is actually enshrined in the Act of Parliament, as a key to identifying a new form of social threat, not previously recognized by Agencies.

Now that's a phrase I first heard used at all let alone with power and with its' meaning explained by our Alex Jones. I dare say it has been in use, or in the Thesaurus of words, Antonyms and Synonyms what have you (w.h.y) for a while but I had never heard of its use before Mr Jones coined it.

The ASPA act of 2007 was created primarily it seems for the benefit of Social Services who are the only 'agency' within the mandate of pseudo-quasi-hobby Governance that seem to have made use of it. But what do they do with the powers of ASPA 2007 that tarnishes the concept of exposing dangers in society which are 'hidden-in-plain-view/sight'?

Well, it may be used to describe someone who has been repeatedly targeted for violence or anti-social behavior or worse. And what do Social Services, in my experience do, by adopting the powers of this Wonderful sounding Adult Services Protection Act of 2007?  Nothing so far!

And by doing Nothing but padding their own career behinds in self-congratulatory seminars and back-scratching 'blue sky' sessions, Policy Talk-Shops and meetings they thus diminish the power of this Truthers' adopted (¿or indeed invented?) phraseology.

Thus, in the mind of the gormless underlings of passive society and its 'collective' forgetfulness, - "Hidden in Plain Sight" will come swiftly to mean a lesser real and present danger, but none the less perhaps one that even agencies assigned with a task of protecting adults who are deemed evidently and actually in danger, are still UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT.

There's the rub.

There is a verifiable, undeniable danger to society or individuals in society, which everyone can now see, but which even Acts of Government passed to empower Public Interest Agencies into doing something about that danger result in nothing actually having to be done, on the ground. Plenty of money in it for the law-makers and social services scroungers, but nothing resulting; actually nothing but a continuation of the openly perceived threat to these adults in danger. Which the witless and obsequiously selfish public will swiftly enough adapt to interpret as the correct order of things.

"Hidden in Plain View".

Sounds like a big deal; like something we should want to concern ourselves with, if we can get away from the telly. But No! Why bother, It's just another example of a scenario we've been accustoming ourselves to, as times change; as we leave the 'good old days' behind and face up to the grim realities of this Brave New World in which we find ourselves.

Hidden in Plain sight!  What, Now? Who cares? Where's my Copy of Big Busters?

Conclusion: In the collective unconscious of the forgetful public's conscience, getting empowered and motivated to, in the first instance point out a corruption or a danger or threat, will most likely lead to zero action. Hence the effort in the first place is not apparently worth it, is it, people!!?

No! Leave it all up to watchdogs like the Levenson inquiry into the British Press and its alleged passion for phone-hacking (with a little POLICE help), or the IPCC or other Government agreed ESTABLISHED agencies to do the big work of exposing corruption such as phone-tapping or scape-goating of individuals in 'the community'. Remember the principal and first conclusion of the Levenson enquiry was that the Press, in the first case News of the World and The Sun's journalists have been paying corruptible Police Officers into forwarding details of private phone-calls.

Oh, Hello!

What would police officers have to do with the content of Charlotte Churches' (and hundreds of others) Private phone-calls, unless they are privy to the power to enable/activate those electronic wire-taps themselves, and then subsequently profit from the 'sale' of the information contained in those telephone/email messages, to the Newspapers concerned.

Could this have been done under 'National Security Strategy' NSS provisions?
Could we Brits all be living in some evolving prototype of a Gulag? Surely not!

Anyone but us. It's unheard of.

PS. Er, did I forget to mention?

The Establishment is co-opting the language of the Truth Movement, 9/11-Truth in particular is suspect, in order to diminish the potency of and retard the effectiveness of our adopted lexicon. I suppose they will have to silently excuse themselves with a typical spin that they are re-claiming their own lexicon like Coloured Folks were supposed to be reclaiming the 'N' word back in the early 90's?

If you use a language embodied with a certain weight and gravitas, with the intention of bringing levity to it ....
"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".

Equal Opportunities Customer.

IMHO, here's another example of the Mainstream using occasional references to the lexicon of modern Politique whilst focussing the broad strokes of the subject towards a Chinese Style Revolution in Culture, away from what we are used to. By using the stereotype that all fat or diabetic people are that way because of thier unhealthy lifestyle the program expounds on a return to growing your own.

However, we know that in the States, not only are Taxes being slammed on those that do grow organic back yards, but that these are also being labelled as 'potential terrorists', because of their attempt to act independantly outside of Federal Controlled 'Black Propaganda' Paradigms.

In the BBC's "Food Programme" this week, the subject is How the Middle-Classes, whether those arising in China or those formerly existant in the West have been behind fueling National BAD DIET tendencies.


Industrialisation is presented ultimately IMO as the inevitable destructor of traditional Ways of food preparation and sourcing. Always an element of truth expanded out to the ridiculous. It is well known that it is the 'better-off' or 'well-to-do' in Britain who have fuelled the Organic and Natural/Traditional Food movements during the last couple decades. So why the change in tack.

Are they preparing us for further regulation and mandatory CHINESE styleised Dietary controls to go along with a push towards a compromise with Population Matters' type Extremists, who want a '1-child family' CHINESE STYLE control political Paradigm to push Westwards, 'Sooner rather than Later'.?

'Sheila Dillon and author Michael Pollan on the shifting sands of our global diet.'

There may be truth in it for sure, but doesn't this programme pave the way to incrementally accustomising the listerners to the emergence inevitably and finally of a FEUDALISTIC SOCIETY with more and more people opting to become, as I ONCE DID, MISTAKENLY, - A VOLUNTARY PEASANT!?

But what will come with this Globalisation of ALL CULTURE? All actual alternatives not rendered into state mandated control Paradigms will be viewed in a dim light. In a few years, wanting to cook a pot-noodle will probably be considered a radical alternate activity, indicitive of people who insist on working long-hours instead of sitting around the communal lunchen table talking about the 'Great Guru, our Leader, and his/her Teachings'

Simplistic No!? You said it first, not me. I only suggested it.
"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".