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Veritas: is it!..the truth...

Started by iamc, May 30, 2017, 04:29:10 PM

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 Veritas is the Roman Goddess of Truth: or is she?


Veritas has become a name floated all about the young group...and those who read it do not understand that: Veritas is a Siren from antiquity.

The past is fast now in the future.

The Fake gods of the past are now haunting our future...

...OH is the Veritas Real....YUP....and she may be coming for you..?

Books and Myths from the past: Will show ya the Future....and the future is now!

The Vatican is hiding many Truths. and I can see through their lies. Can You????

Beware of the False Truth coming from The Veritas....

...Think about it... ;) 
When the Truth was Murdered:
Common Sense ran away...