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Occult Worship - Hollywood's Other Dirty Secret that Everyone Knows but.........

Started by David Icke Bot, Nov 04, 2017, 05:43:24 AM

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Occult Worship - Hollywood's Other Dirty Secret that Everyone Knows of But No One Talks About

'The avalanche of revelations about the perverted and predatory sexual underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is long overdue. It has always been an open secret of sorts, but the whole house is coming down right now as more people are suddenly feeling empowered to speak out, and the media is finally ready to listen and take seriously to the stories of victims.

But what if pedophilia and the sexual harassment of women in entertainment is only a symptom and not actually the disease?

Just below the surface, hidden in plain sight in Hollywood is the overwhelming influence of the occult and the esoteric schools of ancient black magic. It has always been present in this industry because those who seek power in our world have long recognized that television, film and music are the most efficient and important roadways into the public psyche and the collective conscience.

Many have warned us about this for years, composing volumes of books and videos, gathering evidence of this bizarre conspiracy...

...Clues appear in the form of symbols and the use of symbolic set and setting in order to introduce occult memes into the subconscious. Subliminal messages packed with sexual innuendo including veiled pornographic images and reproductive anatomy are vaguely concealed in films. Music videos are laden with satanic imagery and overtly demonic themes.'

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The Illuminati in Hollywood! (2018)

Jason A

Published on Jan 12, 2018

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Smug Harvey Weinstein smirks at the crowd as he very publicly turns himself into police on MULTIPLE rape charges for 'sexually assaulting two women in NYC'

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