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Kabul Clamity - 400 Casulties - Embassy Demolished ?

Started by EvadingGrid, May 31, 2017, 04:26:06 AM

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Kabul blast: At least 80 killed & over 350 wounded in explosion in Afghan capital's embassy district

31 May 2017


At least 80 people have been killed and over 350 injured in a powerful car bomb blast that ripped through a diplomatic district in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, an Afghan health official has said, as cited by Reuters.

However, the Afghan Interior Ministry said 64 people were killed, according to AFP.

The death toll is likely to rise, local officials said.

"They are still bringing bodies and wounded people to hospitals," senior Health Ministry spokesman Ismael Kawoosi told AFP. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has asked Kabul residents to donate blood, saying hospitals are in "dire need."

The blast is believed to have come from a car bomb. The precise target was not immediately clear, but many embassies and government buildings are located in the area.

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani condemned the devastating attack, which happened just days into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In a statement quoted by Reuters, Ghani said "the terrorists, even in the holy month of Ramadan, the month of goodness, blessing and prayer, are not stopping the killing of our innocent people."

The blast struck at around 8:30am local time Wednesday.

Several hours after the attack, AFP reported that ambulances were still taking the wounded to hospital and rescuers were retrieving bodies from the rubble while firefighters struggle to extinguish flames in adjacent buildings.

Despite the high death toll among local residents, the foreign embassies have not reported any victims. The Indian embassy has said its staff is safe, though the building was damaged in the blast. Two employees of the Japanese embassy were mildly injured, suffering cuts, according to AFP.

    More than 50 vehicles were either destroyed or damaged. @moiafghanistan#kabulblastpic.twitter.com/tYY10OWAXg
    — Pajhwok Afghan News (@pajhwok) May 31, 2017

The powerful blast destroyed more than 50 vehicles in the area, Pajhwok News reports.

    Update: Dozens killed and more than 100 wounded in #KabulBalst#AFG
    Photos from Social Media pic.twitter.com/xa3kev3iJ9
    — Pajhwok Afghan News (@pajhwok) May 31, 2017

Most victims are thought to be civilians, including employees of a local mobile phone company, Roshan, according to TOLO News.

Basir Mujahid, a spokesman for Kabul police, said the explosion was caused by a car bomb.

"It was a car bomb near the German embassy, but there are several other important compounds and offices near there too. It is hard to say what the exact target is," Mujahid said, as cited by Reuters.

Eyewitnesses on social media said the blast was so strong it shattered all windows in nearby buildings. Some doors were also torn off their hinges, Reuters reported.

Photos posted on Twitter showed a thick pillar of smoke rising from the site of the explosion.

The German Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that a local security officer guarding the embassy premises has been killed in the blast. Though several embassy workers were injured, all employees are now safe.

The car bomb went off in the close proximity to the diplomatic mission, the ministry said, adding that it targeted people who "worked for the better future of their country."

    AM @sigmargabriel: Bestürzende Nachrichten aus #Kabul. Verurteile Anschlag auf das Schärfste. Unsere Gedanken sind bei Angehörigen der Opfer pic.twitter.com/Xm7SLLnY25
    — Auswärtiges Amt (@AuswaertigesAmt) May 31, 2017

    I condemn the horrific attack in #Kabul.My thoughts are with all those affected. #NATO stands w/ Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism.
    — Jens Stoltenberg (@jensstoltenberg) May 31, 2017

In the meantime, France's foreign minister, Marielle de Sarnez, said the French embassy in Kabul has been damaged, but there are "no signs" at this stage indicating that there were victims among the employees.

The Indian Embassy reported damage to its facilities but no casualties.

Several journalists tweeted that their offices were damaged in the blast, including Jessica Donati, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, and the BBC's Kabul bureau manager, Karim Haidari, who said the BBC staff were affected in the blast.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the insurgent movement had no involvement in the attack, according to Reuters. Mujahid claimed that the Taliban condemns indiscriminate attacks that cause civilian casualties.

Last month, the Taliban announced the beginning of a "spring offensive," promising to attack US-trained Afghan forces and foreign troops.

    #NEWSGRAPHIC At least 40 killed or wounded in Kabul blast in diplomatic quarter Wednesday: interior ministry spokesman @AFPpic.twitter.com/eIohhnG0Dw
    — AFPgraphics (@AFPgraphics) May 31, 2017

The US has 8,000 troops in Afghanistan to train Afghan forces and render support during counter-insurgency operations.


The Guardian

Kabul: at least 80 killed by massive car bomb in diplomatic quarter

Blast near the German embassy leaves more than 360 injured, Afghan interior ministry says



The Independent

Suicide bomb kills at least 80 and wounds more than 350 in Afghanistan

Taliban denies responsibility for massive blast in Kabul which comes amid wave of renewed militant violence across the country and at beginning of holy month of Ramadan



Sky News

At least 80 killed in Kabul explosion near foreign embassies
As many as 350 people were also injured after the huge bomb ripped through the heavily fortified diplomatic area.



Washington Post

Massive blast in the heart of Kabul's diplomatic quarter kills scores
By Sayed Salahuddin and Pamela Constable
May 31 2017

KABUL — A massive blast Wednesday tore through the diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital of Kabul killing at least 80 people, according to officials, underlining the fragility of the country as it buckles under a wave of rebel attacks.

The Interior Ministry said the blast was triggered by huge quantity of explosives hidden in a water tank that went off during the peak of the morning rush hour on a busy road in Wazir Akbar Khan area of the city.

Wahid Majroh, spokesman of the Health Ministry, said at least 350 people were also wounded.

"I felt like it was an earthquake and after that I do not know what happened," said Mohammed Hassan, 21, who had been attending a bank training program. "All the staff around me, everyone, was injured."

Afghanistan has been suffering from a surge of attacks from the Taliban movement since it declared a new spring offensive, including spectacular attacks on the once secure capital.

There have also been a string of attacks claimed by the rival Islamic State group.

Even by the standards of war-torn Kabul, however, this blast stood apart for its sheer magnitude, blowing out windows across the city and setting dozens of cars ablaze.

The target was unclear, but the bomb went off near the Germany Embassy and the nearby French and Chinese embassies were reportedly damaged, according to Reuters news agency.

Officials said, however, that most of the casualties were civilians.

"These heinous acts go against the values of humanity as well values of peaceful Afghans," said a government statement. "These attacks also demonstrate the extreme level of atrocity by terrorists against innocent civilians."

More than three hours after the blast, ambulances were still rushing to the site and its smoking, wrecked buildings to evacuate the casualties, a sign that the number of dead and wounded could still rise.

Authorities closed all key roads to traffic to deal with the aftermath of the blast and as a precautionary measure in case further explosions were planned.

At Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, not far from the blast, hundreds of anxious and angry people crammed outside the main entrance, trying to get inside to see their injured loved ones, while police guarded the facility. Ambulances rushed back and forth carrying the injured, the dead, and sometimes just body parts burnt black by the blast.

Police and medics carried gray body bags covered with blood.

Like past attacks, the anger soon moved to the government for failing to protect residents — even in one of the most guarded enclaves in the city.

"This is an inept government that cannot protect the people and must be dissolved. It is time for an interim government to be formed," said lawmaker Mirwais Yasin.

There are already 8,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan supporting the government, but earlier this year, their leader, Gen. John Nicholson, said he needed several thousand more to break the stalemate.

Effie Trinket

Another bombing likely orchestrated by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  They intend on bringing this here for a devastatingly gripping fear, and anyone who opposes their Stalinist solutions will be deemed completely insane and be seen as a threat in a similar manner as to how people have been brainwashed into thinking unvaccinated people are a threat to the vaccinated "herd".  Biometrics, sense-and-respond, will be sold as the "vaccination" against "terrorism" (in quotes because it's manufactured by the think tanks/MIC/MIC affiliated academia [i.e. Carnegie Mellon and George Mason University], and just like biological vaccines, anyone who refuses the coercion of these cybernetic, digital, electronic shackles placed on humanity will be seen as a threat to "the host" (the host being the majority of the general public who will have bought into the globalist's lies).  The anti-human cyberneticians like Kathyrn Blackmond Laskey, Kathleen Carley, Alexander H. Levis, Eric Schmidt, and whatever other high level individuals are "playing God" using Palantir AI software havbe long ago mapped America as a giant tabletop for effects based terrorism, ("operations") wargaming. 

When you have something like Palantir (apparently the new name of what Ptech was (Process Technology) the latest iteration of an inference engine, predictive, artificial intelligence, "course of action" ("diplomacy" via "other" means software program) you can control:

1)  All the participants in a drill, where compartmentaliztion is perfected because all data is filtered to each individual based on their "need to know", so unauthorized participants can't get information that might be suspicious to them and make them question what they are actually doing, the disparate pieces of the operation *combined* make the false flag into a cohesive plan, that doesn't appear at all like one when divided down into parts).

2) "Data fusion" pulls everything together, so everything is "taken into account" to make sure there are no witnesses, and that any existing surveillance systems that would catch their inside job crimes, are disabled (i.e. CCTV's turned off during the inside job attack like in London 2005).  Cellphones, and technology able to capture video of the false flag within the area are electronically disabled.

3)  Full control and constantly monitoring of any number of patsies that the attack was pre-planned, pre-scripted to be blamed on, so that their own patsies can be killed at a moments notice at their discretion (i.e. if they become too compromised to where they might be a threat to the official story).

4)  Palantir (Ptech) also produces narratives that the globalist mass murderers use to send military psyops personnel at all the MSM  outlets, packaged to justify their long term solutions planned decades ago.

5)  Real time surveillance of public reaction feeds into Palantir to maintain maximum steering of people's psychological responses, incorporating things like Soft Power, where the real perpetrators get the public to want what the globalist architects want (you desire your own enslavement, because not allowing yourself to be enslaved, conjured programmed fear of visualizing your body being blown to pieces by bombs "that can be set off by "anyone").  "Be afraid of EVERYONE, only we (IBM, DHS, NSA, CIA, CACI, etc) the multi-trillion dollar homeland security industry built on stolen tax dollars, and money looted from other countries we pummeled into the ground (Afghanistan, Libya) can keep you safe."

6)  Entire cities in a perpetual state of fear, a psychologically hijacked public will itself be used against the minority of people who are actually awake that see right through their operations, getting pawns on a chessboard to police the "dangerous" non-compliant citizens, and "report" them to the globalist controlled "authorities" where they could end up in their own states version of Chicago's Homan Square for "reeducation" or indefinite detention that's "coincidentally" been in place for several years now, which people will eventually embrace, again because they will be made to think:  "well, if that's what it takes for me to not get blown up when I go to Wal-Mart, I'm ok with it, just another one of Trump's promises that he actually kept, keeping us safe!  I'm all for it, such a change from that liar Obama!"


CSIS - Source Document


Managing the Next Domestic Catastrophe
Ready (or Not)?

June 6, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-89206-534-9 (pb)

America is not ready for the next catastrophe. Years have passed since the 9/11 attacks and the response to Hurricane Katrina, but there are still no government-wide plans to respond to a catastrophe.  There is still considerable confusion over who will be in charge during a disaster.  There are still almost no dedicated military forces on rapid alert to respond to a crisis here at home.  Readying America to face the threats of the post–September 11 era is an enormous task and one that poses a fundamental challenge for the next President.  The key for the next administration will be to take the building blocks of the national preparedness system that already exist and bring them together, fill in gaps, and provide the resources to make the system work. The recommendations contained within this report are concrete steps the next administration should take to ensure the country is prepared for the next domestic catastrophe.

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