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9/11 truth born before the sun went down that day

Started by poseidonlost, May 23, 2017, 08:36:41 PM

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Here it is y'all. 9 and 1/2 hours of truth on the day of 9/11. So many insights and things that would come to light later on over the years. I hope nobody here pushes the sharks with frikin laser beams attached to their foreheads and fake planes
nonsense. There was plenty of evidence staring us in the face the day of the attack, right from the beginning.


Via The Hour of the Time with William Cooper...

Part 1 of 10


Part 2 of 10


Part 3 of 10


Part 4 of 10


Part 5 of 10


Part 6 of 10


Part 7 of 10


Part 8 of 10


Part 9 of 10


Part 10 of 10


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I think its working  :)

Next time will be a lot, lot, quicker.

Effie Trinket

Superior, "non-mainstream" (even within the long infiltrated & co-opted "truth movement") actual facts:



YouTube commenter on above video:
QuoteI can see my self in this video, I have researched this stuff for at least 12 years and it's made me ill at times so Iv had to leave alone for a month or so at a time. Iv lost friends over my thinking as some people call what I say conspiracy theory's just because I question what our governments tell us. It's a shame that in the early part of this film he mentions the term Al-Qaeda like it's a proven theory. I would say 0.01% of people had ever heard of this so called terror network before the attacks on America in 2001. Yet within a few hours after the attacks the name Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden were being drummed in to everybody without a shred of evidence to support these claims.

Even as late as 2005 when we here in the UK had the terrorist attacks in London on  the underground trains and a Bus we actually had the top British Metropolitan police commissioner Ian Blair stating that Al-Qaeda wasn't a terror network but was a way of thinking. Obviously there were a lot of really upset Muslim men who had their country invaded by an illegal super power and they wanted to fight back. One of the main things to know is that Bin Laden was NEVER wanted for 9/11 because there was ZERO evidence to link him to the crime.

Yes he was wanted on the FBI site but for atrocities caused at the US bombing in Africa and nothing connecting him to 9/11. The story of Bin Laden being the commander of a terror network who managed to attack the most heavily defended airspace in the world, with all the war planes being on holiday that day knocking down 3 buildings with 2 planes and attacking the Pentagon with zero evidence of a plane getting any where near the building is utter nonsense unless you can prove to me otherwise I will stick to my so called conspiracy theories.

QuoteAl Qaeda, was at best, a group of many people spread across the globe with loosely associated ideologies, unorganized and bearing no such name UNTIL the CIA got involved, organized, funded, and named them. This is a practice that has been used since WWII across the globe (operation Gladios comes to mind). To deny it is ridiculous. ISIS is simply a re-branded Al Qaeda. Hell, if you listen to the govts / intelligence agencies own admissions and look at just a few documents (which are fairly easily found) this is also undeniable. I suggest you read some of ole Brzezinski's writings where he lays it all out. How we take over, fund, or create movements to destabilize or overthrow govts or regions or to otherwise push the Agenda of the globalist bankster elites. This is pretty common knowledge to any fairly well-read person in this day and age.

RIP Bill Cooper, a man who *actually* died for his country, not like all the brainwashed fake patriots who willingly get sent to what they don't realize were/are illegal wars to die for the banking cartel/military industrial complex that has the audacity to wrap themselves in the flag, and boast all their pathetic pagan, sun-worship, military trinket decorations to feed the feeling pride of ones fake "government approved" "patriotism".


Quote from: Effie Trinket on May 28, 2017, 06:08:45 PM
Superior, "non-mainstream" (even within the long infiltrated & co-opted "truth movement") actual facts:

YouTube commenter on above video:
RIP Bill Cooper, a man who *actually* died for his country, not like all the brainwashed fake patriots who willingly get sent to what they don't realize were/are illegal wars to die for the banking cartel/military industrial complex that has the audacity to wrap themselves in the flag, and boast all their pathetic pagan, sun-worship, military trinket decorations to feed the feeling pride of ones fake "government approved" "patriotism".

I liked Bill Cooper's attitude, he just said it like he saw it and took no prisoners.

Thinking back, I think he said he "sealed his fate" at the beginning of when he recorded the Mystery Babylon series.

Anyway I'm going to have a listen, in bed, as a treat.


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Thanks again EG, if you're still out there... I miss all the PPF and GGF types so much
"Castles made of sand, slips into the sea, eventually." - Jimi Hendrix




Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is
likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
new Pearl Harbor.
  Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and
content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions

Eyewitnesses Saw People Celebrating 9/11 in Jersey City

In September 2000 the neo-straussian think-tank, called The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), published the now infamous document entitled Rebuilding America's Defences.


The Project for the New American Century ceased to function in 2006;[19] it was replaced by a new think-tank named the Foreign Policy Initiative, co-founded by Kristol and Kagan in 2009. The Foreign Policy Initiative was dissolved in 2017.

Silverstein wins 99-year WTC net-lease.

After months of negotiations that came down to the wire, Silverstein Properties Inc. and Westfield America Inc. reached a $3.21 billion agreement on a long-term lease for the 110-story World Trade Center.

"This is a dream come true," said Larry Silverstein. "We will be in control of a prized asset. There is nothing like it in the world."

The 99-year lease deal, struck late last week with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is being called the largest real estate transaction in New York City's history. The net lease covers four buildings at the 10.6 million SF complex, including the twin towers and the retail mall. Westfield, which owns several shopping centers, will handle 427,448 SF of retail space under the agreement.

The agreement ends months of speculating over the fate of the world-famous property, including a failed attempt by the Port Authority to reach an agreement with Vornado Realty Trust and reports that negotiations with Silverstein were on the verge of collapsing. It also ends a three-year effort by the Gov. George Pataki and the Port Authority to put the World Trade Center into private hands. With a net lease, the agency can get out of the real estate business but still maintain the revenue stream from the building.

"This is the largest real estate transaction in New York City and one of the largest privatizations ever of a government asset," Pataki said. "This agreement allows the private sector to bring its expertise to managing this landmark, and it frees the Port Authority resources for improvements in airports, tunnels and bridges."


NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The developer who led the group that purchased the World Trade Center's 99-year lease in July 1999 for $3.2 billion from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said he is committed to help rebuilding the center, according to a published report Friday.

New York-based Larry Silverstein told the Wall Street Journal, "It would be the tragedy of tragedies not to rebuild this part of New York." Silverstein said any rebuilding plans will wait until the grieving process is over. He also said four of his employees remain missing.

By Steve Cuozzo
June 5, 2001 4:00am

THE Age of Silverstein is about to dawn at the World Trade Center, with real-world rents replacing below market ones. But for Larry Silverstein, Cantor Fitzgerald is the one that got away.

The financial services firm quietly signed a long-term lease with the Port Authority just days before the agency nailed down its agreement to sell Silverstein a 99-year lease on the Twin Towers – an agreement that gives Silverstein approval over any new leases even before he takes control this year.

The Cantor Fitzgerald lease at the very top of 1 WTC would not appear to be Silverstein's dream transaction. The 15-year, $150 million extension and renewal is cheaper than what the new owner plans and is graced with some remarkably generous goodies for the tenant.

A spokesman for Silverstein confirms the PA can't make new deals without his sign-off. But Cantor Fitzgerald moved nimbly to lock in the lease just before Silverstein plunked down his $100 million deposit in April.


Silverstein – who, with his partners, plans to significantly upgrade the complex – is expected to command rents well into the $50s and more. A second wild card is the ongoing talks between Silverstein, the PA and the city over how much tax the WTC must pay the city – as much as 50 percent more than the "payments in lieu of taxes" (PILOTS) the PA currently makes. A hike could be passed on to tenants.

"What we ended up doing," Pudalov said, "was creating an agreement that perceived that the value of the WTC may move up substantially due to the change in ownership.

"So we decided to lock in our valuation now, even though the market has a clear sense of softening. It was a prudent hedge against a substantial increase in rent."

| - - - -


(Silverstein v. St. Paul) World Trade Center Properties v. Hartford Fire Insurance Co. by Charles Fried


JOHN M. WALKER, JR., Chief Judge.

This case arises out of the devastating tragedy that occurred at the World Trade Center ("WTC") in lower Manhattan, New York, on the morning of September 11, 2001. At issue in this case is the amount of insurance that is recoverable for the total destruction of the WTC that occurred after the buildings were struck by two fuel-laden aircraft that had been hijacked by terrorists. The appellants are numerous entities that have varying property interests in the WTC, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the "Port Authority"), which owns the property in fee simple, and Silverstein Properties, Inc. and several related entities ("Silverstein Properties"). In the spring of 2001, Silverstein Properties was the successful bidder on a 99-year lease for the property from the Port Authority. In July 2001, Silverstein Properties obtained primary and excess insurance coverage for the WTC complex from about two dozen insurers (most of which constitute the appellees and other counter-defendants in this case) in the total amount of approximately $3.5 billion "per occurrence." Because Silverstein Properties is the party that actually obtained the insurance coverage at issue in this case and was the primary insured, for ease of reference all appellants will hereafter be referred to collectively as the "Silverstein Parties."

The parties do not dispute that the destruction of the WTC resulted in a loss that greatly exceeded $3.5 billion. The broad question presented in this case is whether the events of September 11, 2001 constituted one or two "occurrences."

The answer will determine whether the Silverstein Parties can recover once, up to $3.5 billion, or twice, up to $7 billion, under the insurance coverage. Complicating the resolution of this question is the fact that as of September 11, 2001, only one of the many insurers that bound coverage on the WTC had issued a final policy, necessitating an individualized inquiry to determine the terms of the insurance binders issued by each insurer.


On September 11th 2001, a group of foreigners who worked for a front company in new Jersey were witnessed celebrating the attacks on the Word trade Centers. They flicked lighters, posed for pictures, gave each other hugs and high fives. No they were not Muslim terrorist or Arabs. They were Jewish and they were all Israeli. They worked for a moving company which turned out to be one of a series of Israeli moving companies with ties to the September 11th attacks. The 5 men arrested on 9/11 while still driving the moving company van seen with them as at least three of them were jumping around celebrating the first plane hitting the North Tower, have come to be known as "the dancing Israelis." One of the first journalist to real push this story was Justin Raimondo of antiwar.com who passed away in June of 2019. He wrote a book about the event.

"A memorandum sent to the 9/11 Commission, and Senate and House intelligence committees in September 2004, suggests that young Israelis who canvassed dozens of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) offices in 2000 and 2001 trying to sell paintings to federal workers, may have been spying not only on the DEA, but also on Arab extremists in the United States – including the Sept. 11 hijackers who were living in Florida and New Jersey."

The title is quite clear " Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry"

The conclusion of Gerald Shea, the lawyer behind the memorandum, is the same as my own and Raimondo, who wrote: "The Israelis were engaged in spying on U.S. soil in the months leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that these agents were concentrated in the two areas where the 9/11 hijackers lived and planned their atrocities – Hollywood, Fla., and two counties in New Jersey, Bergen and Hudson – and that they did not share all they knew about preparations for the attack with U.S. authorities." That means they had foreknowledge of the attacks at minimal, and apparently some of them couldn't keep it together and were caught rejoicing as hundreds of Americans died instantly when flight 11 crashed into the North Tower, thousands more would follow.

In some circles it has been well known since September 11th 2001 that a group of Israeli Jews were witnessed celebrating the attacks on the WTC buildings, on 9/11. Two of them were already listed on the Counter Intelligence Database. Their story unravels a covert operation where Al Qaeda was receiving financial and logistical support from foreign state intelligence agencies. Recently some of the pictures they took on the day where they were witnesses, hugging each other, giving high fives, and flicking lighters like they were at a rock concert, have been released by the FBI albeit heavily redacted.


Yaron Shmuel is middle left in the overalls, it is mentioned in the police report. He got married on 911 the following year. Based on mug shots, the man with ripped jeans in Paul Kurzberg, the far left is his brother Sivan and the far right in Oded Ellner. Not pictured is Omer Marmari. He may have taken the picture.

Police Report

Witnesses had seen him the dark haired man taking pictures of the other three each of whom had been on the roof on the van and had taken pictures flicking a lighter. The NYT was shown a picture of Sivan flicking a lighter. There are still 66 more pictures. You can see that they were kneeling and smoking cigarettes. This is fitting with the crime scene evidence of a number of cigarette buds as well multiple witnesses placing them there as early as 8am. They were waiting. The WTC is South East of where they are standing. You can tell by the shadow combined with all the photos showing the North Tower smoke blowing SE that this was early morning and most likely before the Tower was hit. Now these photos are from two different locations. One in the Roof of Urban Moving Systems. One is on top of the van parked at Doric towers.

9/11 Dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems - ABC News 20/20 preview, June 21, 2002

911 Five Dancing Israelis Moving Van on Israeli TV
Jun 6, 2017


The greatest meme of all time... well, maybe less then the bas reliefs of Notre Dame...
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