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Title: Star Trek DS9: 'Inter arma enim silent lēgēs'. Global Gov't Security, Section 31
Post by: Equal Opportunities Customer. on Apr 29, 2020, 01:26:45 AM

"In times of war, the law falls silent."

"We needed somebody who wanted to play the game .. but would only go so far. When the time came
you did the right thing, [...]; you reached out, you tried to stop a murder. The federation needs men like you:
men of conscience, men of principal; men who can sleep at night [...]. Someone has to protect you, [...] from
a universe that doesn't share your sense of right and wrong. It is an honour to know you Doctor. Good Night."

Dr Bashir is, you see, an afterthought of The Eugenics Wars.
Son to a Cockney Father & Indian Mother. A leftover from that era's
outlawed genetic-engineering. Whereas most not amongst the thirty-
million dead from that possibly 2nd Eugenics war, were at best no more
than high-functioning freaks, incapable of integrating into normal society.
Much like the doctors & scientists I believe we see advising government today.

That's why it's called Science-Fiction. And, at its most insightive.

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