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Oct 17, 2021, 05:15:22 PM

Balkans in WW1

Started by Al Bundy, Jul 28, 2017, 02:49:56 PM

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Al Bundy

Austro - Hungarian Army occupied capital of Serbia - Belgrade. There are celebration in Wien but...

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Al Bundy

On December 5, 1918, exactly one hundred and one years ago, the Serbian Army entered Zagreb because the city authorities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which had been in disintegration, left the city.

The citizens of Zagreb ( today capital of Republic of Croatia ) welcomed the Serbs with banners and professions:
Live freedom!
Long live Yugoslavia!
Long live King Aleksandar!

Just two weeks before that, on November 20, welcoming the liberation Serbian army at a port in the Croatian city of Split, the most respected Croatian politician,  Josip Smodlaka said to the assembled enthusiastic people:

"Brethren to our beloved heart, the dead Serbian knights! Welcome our invincible hawks! Welcome our liberators, proud of our flowers, most beautiful, dearest!
Blessed was the hour we saw you! Bless you every rate!
Blessed mothers who give birth to you! Blessed cradle that has blown you away! Blessed are your desolate homes, which in the black depend on us to be able to shed this golden sun of freedom, which now shines on us.
How long we have been after this time...! Together with you, we call on the one who prepared you for the victories, your supreme leader, grandson of the Grand Leader of Karadjordje, your Кing and ours.

Long live King Peter!

Long live the Serbian army! "

Al Bundy

Quote from: Al Bundy on Jul 29, 2017, 03:16:24 PM
  Serbian Regent Aleksandar Karadjordjević, 7/29/1914 Nis, Serbia

    "To my heroic and dear Serbs!
      There is a lot of evil will come on our Serbia. Austria-Hungary has declared war on us. Now, we all have to be united and heroes.
The troubles of our kingdom and our people with Austria have not started since yesterday *.
Wherever Vienna needed, the greatest promises were made that it would be right to act with the Serbs and Croats  **, and yet it remained unfulfilled. Serbian and Croatian border guards, and so many of our heroes, gave blood all over Europe for the glory and honor of the Imperial Palace in Vienna .... Serbia always did everything in its power to live in a friendship with the neighboring Еmpire - it's all nothing helped....

Serbia sincerely regretted this fatal event, convicted that it would hand over to the court of every participant *** but quickly saw with astonishment that the Austrians .... throwing their headache to their own mismanagement or to some of the culprits of the act rather than the Kingdom of Serbia. No matter what the murder is only one man, their subject, with the help of several comrades, and in their country, in the eyes of their authorities, Austria forbade our...officers, the Serbian government, and ultimately the entire Kingdom of Serbia and all the Serbs wherever they are. So the accusation of an independent state for guilty others is unique in the history of Europe, where such crimes are, unfortunately, not rare ....

Although a hard heart is aware of all the difficulties and hazards, just at the time when the Serbian warriors were preparing to gather the fruits of their efforts **** I am forced to invite all my dear and brave Serbs under the Serbian tricolor with the conviction that they will, and on this occasion, Show that past ... In our glorious past, the elderly and the newer, there are many testimonies that a Serb, when he is united, can win a much bigger opponent. Let's testify once again that a Serb can sacrifice for his homeland and ... by sacrificing (like the Medieval knight Obilic ) in front of many ardent enemies.
     Serbs defend your homes and the Serbian tribe with all your might.

                                                                                      ( signatures of all members of the Serbian government)

Source: Silvia Djuric "Dnevnik pobede", (p.20), Belgrade, 1988.

* Great Powers in Berlin 1878, allowed Austro-Hungary to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina to restore law and order.
"Pig war" 1906-1908 ( Austro-Hungarian sanctions against Serbia ).
In 1908 Emperor Francis Joseph I unilaterally declared Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and provoked a crisis that came to the brink of war with Serbia and Russia ("The Annexion Crisis"),   
1912/1913 Serbia withdrew from the exit to the Ionian Sea after Austria-Hungary was threatened with war etc.

**It is already here (between lines) in the first war proclamation of Regent Alexander that the war goal of Serbia is not only defense but the liberation of Serbs and Croats in Austria-Hungary and the creation of a new state of Yugoslavia !
*** murders in Sarajevo in June, 28
**** Brilliant victories of Serbian soldiers in both Balkan wars ( Turks, Albanians and Bulgarians ).

12/7 1914. On propositon of Serbian PM ,FM  and President of Radical Party Nikola Pasic the Serbian Parliament adopted the Niš Declaration (7 December 1914) on the war goals of Serbia: "Convinced that the entire Serbian nation is determined to persevere in the holy struggle for the defense of their homesteads and their freedom, the government of the Kingdom (of Serbia) considers that, in these fateful times, its main and only task is to ensure the successful completion of this great warfare which, at the moment when it started, also became a struggle for the liberation and unification of all our unliberated Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian brothers. The great success which is to crown this warfare will make up for the extremely bloody sacrifices which this generation of Serbs is making". This amounted to announcing Serbia's intention to annex extensive amounts of Austria-Hungary's Balkan provinces.

P.S. On Wikipedia about Nis Declaration there source which is fake - John R. Lampe (28 March 2000). Yugoslavia as History: Twice There Was a Country. Cambridge University Press. p. 103. ISBN 978-0-521-77401-7. He wrote that "Neither did any recognition of a separate Macedonian "tribe"; they were still regarded as an "unformed element," like the Bosnian Muslims, that could be easily assimilated as Serbs."

P.P.S. Why Macedonians did not recognized as nation by Yugoslav Government i do not know. What is "unformed element" ?
First was the Serbs was on their mind are to come home to their family after 2 years of fighting and suffering. Serbs are not in their mind to "assimilate anyone".
Muslims. The Muslims are not live only in Bosnia. They live in Monte Negro, Serbia, Herzegovina...
"Bosnian Muslims" are not ethnic community. They are Serbs who were on different ways convert to Islam during long Turkish occupation of these
regions. By the way, some "Bosnian Muslims" better speak Serbian language then Serbs on southeast Serbia. Example is movie director Emir Kusturica who found his Serbian routs. Muslims in Kingdom of Yugoslavia had their own Political Party - Yugoslav Muslim Organization ( JMO ) and their was MP and even ministers. In Kingdom of Yugoslavia there is no converting any Religion groups in Christian Orthodox Church...never by force. Even Germans lived in Serbia in peace ( Volk Deutchers ). 

Critics said about book of J. Lampe that "He brings to this history a decidedly American perspective."

Al Bundy

Soldier's Honor: No Serbian war flags were captured in the Balkan Wars and the Great War
From IN4S -13/12/2015 2

When the Central Powers occupied Serbia in 1915, German Emperor Wilhelm II, during World War I, asked his General August von Mackenzen to bring him at least one seized Serbian war flag (as a symbol of victory over Serbs), but received an answer that startled him.
The general replied that he did not own any.

Of the 51st regimental flag that the Serbian army owned during the Balkans and World War I, none fell into enemy hands, which was a precedent in the history of modern warfare.

Military flags to the 51st Regiment of the Serbian Army at Belgrade were ceremoniously handed over to King Peter the First Karadjordjevic on June 26 and November 30, 1911.

The three disappeared in battles when, probably in an effort not to fall into the enemy's hands, the flags destroyed them. The fourth, the flag of the famous Iron Regiment, that is, the Second Infantry Regiment "Prince Mihailo Obrenovic" of the first call of the Moravian Division was the funeral cover at the funeral of King Peter the First Karadjordjevic and was buried with him, but there is no evidence for this.


Al Bundy

Just as during those previous conflicts, former Seрbian Crown Prince George Karadjordjevic - though with major epaulets on his uniform - did not enjoy too much trust either from King Peter the First or other officers. He would also make friends during that first war year with his former teacher, "Alas" (the genius of mathematics), who had been assigned to him as an adjutant, but the generals and senior officers did not want him to be assigned.

Yet, George will again show great courage. There is a famous photograph where, during the battle of Cer, one can see King Peter I in the distance, staring into the distance, according to Austrian positions. For such things the people loved their wise and courageous king, after all; but, an almost identical photograph was taken during World War I, as if in a mirror, except that its main character and culprit is George.

At the beginning of the war he was in the vicinity of Nis, and shortly afterwards he found himself on the Drina River, where a crucial battle was being fought to defend the homeland. In early September, he fight on Mackov kamen near Jagodnja.

War correspondent of the Paris "Journal", Henry Barby, described the event of that September 21, 1914:
"Arriving at dawn from Valjevo, Prince George toured the front of the battle on horseback, drawn by the fierceness of the battle on and around C. Suddenly, from the hill from which he observed and where he stopped, he saw the Serbian lines bending. The Austro-Hungarian army had already reached almost the height of the artillery batteries. The situation seemed hopeless. During this time, the reserve battalion did not move, and was hidden in some stretch of the terrain. Prince George did not hesitate. Undertaking his horse, he dashed into a gallop and arrived in front of that battalion.

- What are you doing here? He shouted.

- We're in the reserve.

- The Krauts just don't get our guns, and you sit here with your arms crossed!

- We have no order.

- Where's your commander?

- He was killed!

- Follow me. I'll be your commander!

The soldiers were hesitant to go after an unknown major. To get them around, he pulled the saber out of its cover and shouted:
- Soldiers! I am Prince George, the son of your king! Follow me!

His battalion was drowned in the crucial assault of the Serbian Royal Army. The Mackov kamen was within reach. With the support of artillery, Austro-Hungarian soldiers leave the trenches and retreat towards the Drina. The battle was won

the last hour, just before the triumph, one grain strikes and throws out of Prince George's saddle. Fortunately, the grain that had passed through the loin bypassed the spinal column, without damaging any vital organ. The soldiers brought the wounded prince on the crossbows from the battlefield. He was transported to a hospital by car. "

Source: Serbian pro-EU weekly newspaper "Nedeljnik"


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Al Bundy

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Al Bundy

Interesting speech of Serbian Officer on Battle on Cer in August 1914

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Al Bundy


Alexandra Tomic tells the remarkable story of volunteer female medical staff who travelled to Serbia in 1915 at the height of the worst typhus epidemic in history.

I did it learn in school. I learn of Tito`s partizans "victories" against Nazis...

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Al Bundy

NATO dictator of Montenegro M. Djukanovic sent his hooligans to Budva to gather Montenegrin flags and insignia in order to prevent Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic from laying a wreath on a memorial plaque to Serbian liberators in the Great War.

Bozovic did not lay a wreath to avoid incidents.
Milo's mercenaries sang the Montenegrin anthem, songs to Krsto Popovic, chanted "e viva Montenegro", "Montenegro will never be the coast of the Serbian sea".

They called on the authorities to remove the plaque to the Serbian liberators.

The plaque above the main gate to the Old Town reads in 1931: "To commemorate the arrival of the brave victorious Serbian army that liberated Budva after heroic victories, the Municipality of Budva placed it on Mitrovdan on November 8, 1918."
Above that inscription are engraved the words of Metropolitan Petar Petrović Njegoš "Generations, deeds of the court ..."

The mayor of Budva, Marko Carević, during the laying of the wreath three days ago, said that they had gathered to once again pay tribute to the heroes who were inscribed in golden letters in the history of the Serbian people and the city of Budva.
He then greeted those gathered with "God help" and they replied "God helped you", which was condemned by the regime boys.

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Al Bundy

November 1914 Begin Battle on Kolubara > Last chance for General Oskar von Potiorek ( Slovenian origin ) to conquer Serbia

american express serve atm
Serbian Army in new position

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