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Gina Miller verus Democratic Vote

Started by EvadingGrid, Dec 05, 2016, 05:08:17 AM

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The Battle of Britain begins:
Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller arrives at Supreme Court flanked by bodyguards as judges begin hearing legal showdown over UK's departure from the EU

    Supreme Court asked to overturn High Court ruling that the PM must seek MPs' approval to trigger Breixt
    Gina Miller says court battle has led to threats: 'I don't go anywhere – it 's been a complete poisoned chalice'
    Remainer also said that Supreme Court judges are being unfairly vilified after Mail reveals their EU views
    Attorney General Jeremy Wright will urge them not to 'stray' into politics or defy the 'will of the electorate'
    Pro-EU supporters outside the Supreme Court wearing judge costumes and carrying pro-Brussels banners



The Brexit judges selected by quangocrats:
How the Supreme Court justices who will decide the Article 50 case today are chosen in secret - and how the US puts us to shame


. . . .

As the Mail revealed on Saturday, four of the 11 have formal links to the EU, or to European Courts and institutions. Five have publicly expressed views which appear sympathetic to the EU and its aims, and six have personal links to individuals who have been highly critical of the Leave campaign. Only one is thought to have Eurosceptic sympathies.

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Your 17.4MILLION votes aren't enough:
Gina Miller's star QC Lord Pannick claims huge public backing alone is not enough to trigger Article 50 as he DISMISSES PM's Brexit vote as 'irrelevant'


    Lord Pannick tells judges Theresa May does not have mandate to trigger Brexit
    He said:  'A referendum has nothing to do with who holds the power' to do it
    Top judge says that it's 'surprising' he believes vote 'has no consequences'
    Lord Pannick says June 23 vote was to 'advise' not decide whether to leave EU
    Client Gina Miller needs security after man, 55, is arrested over online abuse