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Oh look, BBC Weather Forecast finds itself Gloating under the 'Chemtrail' plumes

Started by Equal Opportunities Customer., Aug 11, 2018, 07:42:17 AM

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Equal Opportunities Customer.


"For many of us, we've had skies like these this morning; plenty of Sunshine some er ... (he literally stumbles for the words) ... erm Contrails criss-crossing the sky; — coming out of the backside of airplanes if you like ..." The weather man comments about this photo sent in by one of the BBC's volunteer, civic, 'Weather-watchers'.

So where does this put us, other than completely now, Mimicking California?

"Next Slide Please."

Would the BBC just like to turn it all over to another CONSPIRACY joke? It's clearly a fact.
Contrails will not form under any condition. They require certain humidity at certain altitudes.
If these conditions aren't met, then it's always an artificially created CHEMTRAIL potentially using biologically toxic ALUMINIUM OXIDE or, perhaps, other less toxic aerosol adjuvants, to the JET-A fuel.

Or of course, as is done in AMERICA, the USA; dedicated Commercial PRIVATEER companies are employed, flying converted to purpose Civilian Airliners, dedicated entirely to filling the heavens with unidentified substances.

Is there an acceleration of the program due the exceedingly hot summer?

Are BBC Viewers actually coming out of the Twilight-Zone and demonstrating that they're ACTUALLY WORRIED: about what the chemtrails mean, and what's going on IN OUR AIRSPACE?
And by who's authority and mandate?

Is it legal? IN LAW! IS IT an invasion of OUR AIRSPACE?

Fade -out again!

Is this a demonstration of power to control the weather in a futuristic 'star-trek' fashion (it's mentioned a few times across the gamut of the series: DS9, Voyager, ENT — so a modern terraforming reference)?

Or is it just plain old CC/AGCW business as usual? Take your pick. We know exactly the agenda of course; I'm just displaying cynicism ... to demand.

That's a pretty bad set of CHEMTRAILS, though. If not photoshopped; that's as bad as I've seen from California, where Climate engineering is at its peak, to force moisture eastwards (coriolis effect too), which has the unfortunate side-effect of drying out the state to the point of being a tinder-pile.

SNOPES.COM say Donald Trump never visited a CHEMTRAIL AIRCRAFT, that the tanks are ballast ...
In other words: POTUS did, (unless this also is photoshopped - your last surviving hope); TOUR a
dedicated & converted: CHEMTRAIL AIRCRAFT

People have a great flair for covering up their fears, of outsiders, witches, scientists, quacks & politicians, and they seem to me, more than happy to turn a blind-eye when it's something they believe someone else is going to fix for them. Who else is going to fix this for you?

If the questions I asked here, are valid: Who's doing it; who regulates it; and where are the government or public documents showing the results, of these ... experiments?

Who is going to fix it for you?

Is POTUS going to fix this for us? This is Britain. Who else is able to fix it for you?

Then cover it up; fool!
"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".