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Test for four-year-olds will be 'damaging' ( so they will do it ! )

Started by David Icke Bot, Feb 28, 2018, 05:25:31 AM

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The Independent

Government's planned test for four-year-olds will be 'damaging', education experts warn

'The Government's plans for a new test for four-year-olds will be "damaging to young children", parents, teachers and psychotherapists have warned.

A coalition of campaigners has called on the Department for Education to abandon its proposals to spend almost £10m on a new baseline assessment for children at the start of Reception.

The new report, launched in parliament today, warns that "enormous damage" can be done to children when adults believe that children's ability is fixed and can be defined at a young age. Spam_A Spam_B It adds that children "will be pushed into a world of high-stakes assessment" under the government's plans, which is says is at "odds with young children's learning and development."

The More than a Score coalition – which represents 18 education and parents' organisations – unveiled the dossier at a meeting hosted by shadow early years minister Tracy Brabin.

The early years experts argue that the assessment, due to be introduced in 2020, will add "another stressor to the existing load" and will "limit playful, creative, and intellectual experiences".

The test is proposed for the first few weeks of Reception should be abandoned and replaced with teacher assessments throughout the year, campaigners argue.'

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